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Legend of the Claddagh Ring

What is the legend of the Claddagh ring, and how is it worn?

There are many stories about this symbol.
According to this fascinating legend which began in Galway Ireland, more than 400 years ago, the crown represents loyalty, the hands friendship, and the heart love. When a man gives the ring to his girl, it symbolizes that she will hold his heart in her hands, and when a girl gives the ring to her man, the same holds true for him. The ring is worn in friendship when the crown points away from the wrist and symbolizes engagement when the ring is reversed. The clasped hands (originating from the ancient Romans) are in constant use in that curious local community of fishermen inhabiting the Claddagh at Galway on the western coast. The ring is passed down from mother to daughter often as a wedding ring.
There are numerous references on the web.