WPEB radio is broadcasting on 88.1 fm from 541 B South 52nd Street.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 We are
looking "Live" programming. 
We are always looking for new Broadcasters and volunteers with shows that address West Philly issues and milestones!
Morning and Afternoon hours are available. See the Get Involved page for more details.wpeb public audio project philadelphia community radio 

Online streaming is coming soon!
But we need help from our community to make it happen.  Click here to donate to help us get closer to that goal! 

New Antenna Site Search

We are currently broadcasting with only 1 watt of power.  Once we find a more suitable antenna site, we will be able to increase our power and expand our range.

The criteria for a new antenna site are:
a) Within range of our target West Philadelphia community
b) High up! (A tower or other structure)
c) More than 500-750 feet from houses, offices, or other spaces where people regularly listen to radio
d) Electrical connection, and a cooperative owner that will let us use such a site.

If you have any site suggestions or leads, contact the Technology Committee.

Help us build our coverage map!
We are trying to gauge how many people can hear our broadcast.  Please fill in this form--feel free to do it many times!  Enter in as many different locations as you can.  As you drive around, or talk to friends who might be listening, please come back and enter more information so we can figure out where people can hear us.

For a more detailed map with listening quality, click here

WPEB coverage map