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Our deepest sympathies go out to the Haitian people and relatives living here in West Philadelphia, America, Africa, the Caribbean Islands and beyond.  

FACT : "
The magnitude 7.0 quake killed 250,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands. According to UN figures, the quake killed, injured or displaced one in six of the Caribbean nation's entire population of almost 10 million. 

hope you make it through these difficult times, this too will pass.  

YouTube Video UNDeny TriBeCa

 Please contact DJ Mucho Dinero ... chkTheVibe [jlnpa9_AT_Gmail_DOT_com]
for information on this page. Hazel for Haitians  Continuing efforts to help our neighbors (so close to FL)  the main idea is to help coordinate the re-developing communities here, Green Philly, to the areas near Delmas,  Port--au--Prince, and around the epicenter of west Hispaniola. Looking for launching pad via eastern JA, southern Cuba to linkUP with West Philly's economic RecoveryPA ideas.  Some of the same economic development has to happen here as well as there...you can walk through some neighborhoods around our community and ask--wha'appened?!

 Learn about charities...

Here are some news highlights of the page (español )
  • Ambassador Pamela A. White Haiti August 2012 chkTheVibe
    Update :::  August 1, 2012 is a transitional phase in U.S. relations  to Haiti ...more
  • For Haiti, opportunity to transform -MSN.com "...Haitian political commentator Michel Soukar suggests creating farming communities styled on the Israeli kibbutz, taking advantage of the flight of hundreds of thousands from the capital...."
  • Posted on Tuesday, 08.14.12 Program aids mothers, infants in Haiti Little Haiti    
  • "...left our home in an affluent suburb of Philadelphia for post-earthquake Haiti. The four of us lived in a tent city in downtown Port-au-Prince and survived on $1 per day for 28 days ..." (VIDEO) -HuffPost
  • ...In this video ( right ), see how Partners In Health / Zanmi Lasante is empowering Haitians
    with the skills to strengthen Haiti's health infrastructure.

    YouTube Video: Hazel4Haitians ..chkTheVibe In this video, see how Partners In Health is empowering Haitians

    former-President Clinton Announces New Grant to Advance Healthcare "Project Medishare’s 16-month program will train 47 radiologists, lab technicians, and pathologists from Bernard Mevs and other local hospitals in the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment..." -ClintonBushHaitiFund.org

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/08/14/2951284/program-aids-mothers-infants-in.html#storylink=cpy
  •  NYTimes 7JULY 2012 >  "Earthquake Relief Where Haiti Wasn’t Broken"
  • DemocracyNow feature ::: 
  • Haiti - Health : Deplorable situation in the area of mental health
    04/06/2012 12:58:19
    Antonal Mortimé, the Executive Secretary of the Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations (POHOH) regrets that the problem of the mental health in Haiti is neglected, not to say ignored in our society.  "Mental illness is a phenomenon that is not quite accepted and tolerated by many people of the Haitian population. It constitutes a category of diseases for which today we continue to have value judgments and discriminatory attitudes. There is a preponderance of physical health at the expense of the mental health [...] " more from HaitiLibre via Yele.org
  •  "On the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed roughly 300,000 people and left more than 1.5 million homeless, we speak with Randall Robinson, author of "An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President.""

2 Years After Devastating Earthquake, 

Haiti’s Rebuilding Weighed Down by Legacy of Foreign Meddling

  • 2011 ::: (Reuters) - Haitian lawmakers approved the nomination of a UN development expert to serve as prime minister...
  • (DemocracyNow) Video of U.N. Peacekeepers’ Sexual Assault of Haitian Prompts Calls to Focus on Post-Quake Rebuilding
  • ...sorry for the gap...I'm back!  #crawfish got SouL is on Wed @ Noon on 88.1fm WPEB - Philadelphia... Dr. Michael White (BSR)
  • Join Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF search:all) staff for a panel event to answer your questions about 
    the organization's massive medical response in Haiti since the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  
  • Red Cross update for Haiti Earthquake (One Year Later - report)
  • A weary land - Miami Herald
  • @NOLAnews: Haiti marks solemn anniversary, one year since 
    earthquake http://bit.ly/dZvtHh
  • The uphill fight to rebuild Haiti in the face of gang violence and corruption -Fronline/PBS Video
  • UNITED WAY Newsletter:
    Doctors needed for Haitian relief efforts

    As the cholera epidemic extends its reach in Haiti, the need for physicians to meet the increasing demand for care has grown apace.
    There is a special need for internal medicine specialists, pediatricians, and emergency medicine specialists. Experienced nurse practitioners may also be considered. Because of cultural and linguistic challenges, the ability to speak French would be a great advantage.
      Interested clinicians should email Dr. Ernst [sernst@hashaiti.org] or call 412.260.9480.
  • Haiti: MSF Expands Cholera Response, Foresees Greater Needs
        aid to #Haiti. http://bit.ly/9Ld8kz ...8 months later? Igor!
  • Wed, 28JUL2010, In 2003 Prometheus and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) built a community radio station in Immokalee, FL
    • CIW is a collective of migrant workers, hailing from Mexico, Guatemala, and Haiti. Representing over 2500 members, the CIW fights for "a fair wage for the work we do, more respect on the part of our bosses and the industries where we work, better and cheaper housing, stronger laws and stronger enforcement against those who would violate workers' rights, the right to organize on our jobs without fear of retaliation, and an end to indentured servitude in the fields."
  • Downpours, Possible Flooding to Roll across Haiti -By Alex Sosnowski Jul 19
  • President Obama: Relief work in Haiti must continue -AP
  • Thu, 07/08/2010: Relief agencies point2continuing needs in Haiti’s recovery -FSRN.ORG
  • JULY 10, 2010 Six Months On, Haiti Aid Push Falters :-(  -WSJ
  • OTTAWA, CAN - Defense Ministry removes UN Haiti mission's chief of staff  -AFP
  • Haiti earthquake: Six months on... -The Guardian, UK
  • “Haiti Futures Forum: Youth Visions 2020" Wash, DC @ World Bank.
    Tuesday, June 22, 2010 from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)
  • Haiti brings children's art to DC -by BRETT ZONGKER , Associated Press
  • Flood Threat for Caribbean Islands, Including Haiti - ACCUWeather
  • Haitian family in Delco to take supplies home to family 
        by Kathy Boccella Inquirer Staff Writer JUN2010 

  • Hurricane preparations (video) are in full swing in the outskirts of Gonaives, 
    where workers are building rock walls to prevent erosion and flooding. -MH|Jose Iglesias
  • WFP Outlines Preparedness Plans for Storms 03JUN2010
  • "...connect the Haitian diaspora directly to business people in Haiti..."   -MH
  • Event: BREAK 4 HAITI: Saturday, 22May -20:00 -> Sunday, 23May2010 -02:00 
  • 2 Boston Churches Plan Mass for Haiti victims
  • Salvation Army & Drexel 3-5PM SHIFT! (See Picture Above)
               -Sat, May 22 ( 2:40p - 5 p.m.) State Armory at Drexel University
                 33rd Street http://twitter.com/SalArmyPhilly
  • 'Rescued': A story that called to me - CNN 8MAY YouTube
  • Shakira (Colombian Pop Star) Prepares To Build School In Haiti - Billboard |
    Shakira Visita o Haiti e Prepara Construção de Escola no País
         ...Tres Mesas: Informacion de Google
    ( Especial )
  • IOM builds transitional shelters in Port-au-Prince - UN 27/04/2010
  • The American Red Cross/Crescent reports that 400 million dollars in donations 
    have come in over the past three months from the American people to
    help relief efforts in Haiti.
  • "An Incredibly Moving Trip to Haiti" - Dr. Jill Biden, First VP Lady, an American Teacher's perspective
      "...met teachers and students who are using empty school buses as classrooms..."
    stop complaining!
  • Congress approves debt relief measure for Haiti -  By JIM ABRAMS (AP) - CARE2 Petition!
  • Remarks by the First Lady During Department of Defense Agency Visit -> Haiti, then MX.

  • NPR - ...the U.S. women's under-17 team defeated Haiti 9-0 in their first
    qualifying match for the CONCACAF U-17 Women's Championships in Costa
    Rica. Once the final whistle blew, Haitian goalkeeper Alexandra Coby was
    so overwhelmed with emotion that she dropped to the [soccer] pitch, weeping...more>>
  • Haitian radio host honored for 'tweeting' on quake
Fri, 2/26/10, Free Speech Radio News (WPEB re-broadcasts at 10a):  The  rainy season 
is ... [making rebuilding more difficult...tents and shelter desperately needed] Haiti...
check out Dolores's Reporter's Notebook from Haiti at www.fsrn.org/haiti-disaster.

"...While meeting the material needs of Haitians remains a priority, the emotional
trauma of the earthquake and its aftermath may prove to be an even longer recovery.
FSRN recently looked at how Haitians are coping with the trauma and the need for
psychological help."
... show is on our playlist to play some more next week...
what other syndicated shows do you want to hear in West Philly? Call in 215.472.0881... 

--Related new third month addition: PSYCH PROF AIDING HAITI QUAKE
NY Daily News - by Erin Durkin - ‎"When
his sister was killed in Haiti's earthquake, Dr. Jean Tropnas struggled to cope.
"Her death is a very severe coup to me,"
he said, ...

CANNES, France (AFP) – Stars from Russell Crowe to Jennifer Lopez raised  
5.36 million euros (6.7 million dollars) at the Cannes film festival for the
fight against HIV-AIDS, then dug deep to help Haiti. ...After the dinner,
one of the world's top AIDS fundraising events of the year, Crowe and
singer Lionel Ritchie collected 80,000 euros (100,000 dollars) for Haiti
at a party attended by actor Benicio Del Toro and Elisabeth Banks.

Development bank forgives $479 million Haiti debt
(YNews/HPPhilly's Tweet)
By ISTRA PACHECO, Associated Press Writer Istra
Pacheco, Associated Press Writer – Mon Mar 22, 5:46 pm ET: CANCUN, Mexico –
Inter-American Development Bank
said Monday it has agreed to forgive $479 million
in debts
owed by quake-ravaged Haiti.

Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno said the bank’s board of governors voted to forgive
the debt and will offer $2 billion in financing to the Caribbean nation over the
next 10 years.  


Haiti Brings Children's Art to DC as Smithsonian Leads Cultural Recovery in Port-au-Prince

By BRETT ZONGKER , Associated Press
  WASHINGTON - Haiti's recovery from the devastating earthquake in January requires more than rebuilding structures, but also repairing tattered paintings and cultural objects still buried in the rubble, the island nation's first lady Elisabeth Preval said Thursday.

She visited the Smithsonian Institution to open an exhibit of children's artwork created after the earthquake, calling it a reminder that Haiti still needs help. The paintings and drawings will be on view through the summer. She also discussed the importance of an effort by the U.S. museum complex to lead a cultural recovery effort in Port-au-Prince, where there are few, if any, professionally trained art conservators.

"This is fundamental for our nation," Preval told The Associated Press during her Washington visit. "This is our cultural heritage. This is us."

Joe Oglesby Leads Effort to Aid Print Journalists
"A group of journalism organizations today announced formation of the Haiti News
Project, an effort designed to provide assistance to Haitian print journalists who
are still reeling from the devastating earthquake of Jan. 12," the

(Picture on left - Joe Oglesby (Credit: Carl Juste/Miami Herald)
American Society of News Editors
said on Thursday.  "Members
of the Haiti News Project said they will focus on helping Haitian
newspaper journalists because that is where their collective
expertise is centered. The Inter News Network, an international
media-development organization, already is leading an effort to
assist the Haitian radio industry, which is the primary source of
news for most Haitians.

"We are committed to Haiti for the long term. We are working
with our international partners to meet urgent needs as the rainy season approaches.
And we are working with the Haitian Government for Haiti’s long-term reconstruction
and renewal."
                                                               --Secretary h.Clinton, Mar. 15, 2010

International Donors' Conference
Office of the Spokesman:Washington, DC,
March 16, 2010
- The United States, in cooperation with the Government of
Haiti, will join the United Nations in co-hosting a ministerial-level International
Donors’ Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti on March 31, 2010 in
New York at UN Headquarters
. After the outpouring of global support for the
immediate needs of the people and Government of Haiti following the devastating
earthquake on January 12, attention is now turning to the longer-term recovery and
reconstruction needs of the country, even while the relief effort continues.

Travel Warning - United States Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs,
Washington, DC 20520 - March 15, 2010, The Department of State warns U.S.
citizens of the situation in Haiti in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake,
measuring 7.0 magnitude, that struck near Port-au-Prince on January 12. The
Department of State has ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S.
government personnel from Haiti. This replaces the Travel Warning for Haiti
dated February 22, 2010, and provides information on crime-related threats to
U.S. citizens in Haiti. 

The Department of State
strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Haiti.
The January 12 earthquake caused significant damage to key infrastructure,
and access to basic services is extremely limited. Additional aftershocks remain
a possibility. All forms of communication within Haiti are limited. The country
is experiencing a shortage of food, water, transportation, and adequate
Many medical facilities have been operating beyond maximum capacity,
and the current sanitation situation poses serious health risks. The Embassy's
ability to provide emergency consular services is limited. With the resumption
of commercial air services on February 19, the U.S. government has discontinued
evacuation assistance.

American Airlines to Resume Service to Haiti Starting Feb. 19, American Eagle
Announces New Flights to Haiti from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic
Beginning March 12

"FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- American Airlines will
resume service into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, beginning Friday, Feb. 19. The first
flight will depart from American's hub at Miami International Airport at 6:40 a.m.,
arriving at Port-au-Prince at 8:35 a.m. EST. This flight marks the first commercial
passenger aircraft into Haiti since the earthquake that devastated the country on
Jan. 12.. ..."  

What can the US gov't do?   Well.... the UN's Special Envoy to Haiti, Former
President [William Jefferson] Clinton (backstage at MTV event) was involved
in Haitian affairs, on behalf of US, up until this earthquake 2010.  22MAR2010, 
"...Already, we’ve received more than 200,000 contributions, which are supporting
critical efforts such as getting essential medical equipment to critically injured
patients at a 240-bed tent hospital; supplying a Port-au-Prince clinic that’s been
transformed into a camp, serving 5,000 patients with medical care, food, and
water; providing emergency shelter kits to help protect families against the
elements; and delivering relief supplies including water purification tablets,
hygiene kits, mosquito nets, and temporary latrines. 

These efforts are only the beginning. The needs will continue to be urgent as
the rainy season sets in, bringing new threats for those still homeless..." from
"Support the Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Haiti
" on homepage of Clinton
Bush Haiti Fund website.

08FEB2010, CNN reports, "Clinton, whose mandate as U.N. special envoy to
Haiti was extended this week to the rebuilding phase, said his responsibilities
include ensuring the U.N. headquarters in New York is supporting efforts in
Haiti; making sure donors honor their pledges; involving private investors and
local Haitians in the rebuilding effort; mobilizing non-governmental organizations
to help; and giving Haitian emigres in the United States, Canada and France the
opportunity to participate."

YouTube posts about this point.  Counterpoint. http://www.usaid.gov/

  • Three Things You Should Know About the U.S. Government's Work in Haiti
  • May 27, 2010
    • Moving Back into Safe Buildings: USAID is supporting the Pan-American Development Foundation's (PADF) work that began this week with the Ministry of Public Works' building damage assessment program. PADF-trained engineers will work under the ministry in a house-tagging program that has already been underway to certify the livability of structures damaged in the earthquake. As of May 20, engineering assessments in Port-au-Prince have assessed 79,151 buildings.
    • Support at the Ready in Case of Flooding: The International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched an emergency hotline for camps affected by floods and the upcoming hurricane season. In the event of life-threatening emergencies caused by heavy rains, camp managers and staff can call the hotline. Teams staffed by IOM, the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and Haitian officials will deploy immediately to assess the situation and relocate affected populations if necessary. USAID and other U.S. Government agencies working in Haiti continue to liaise with IOM and emergency responders to address emergency needs during the 2010 hurricane season.
    • Preventing Disease Outbreaks: With support from USAID, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization—including the Pan-American Health Organization— and UNICEF, the Government of Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population has developed a comprehensive response protocol and communication strategy for diphtheria and other infectious diseases such as rabies.

      For more information, email: usaidpressofficers@usaid.gov.
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Video is a two month
update on projects following earthquake.
Haiti: MSF Expanding Post-Operative Services in Response to Growing Need
 -Seven weeks after the earthquake of January 12 left up to 300,000 people
injured, medical needs remain immense in Haiti. “The immediate emergency
phase may be over, but the long-term work is just beginning, and it’s no
less an emergency,” said Doctors Without Borders/Médecins San Frontières
(MSF) Haiti head of mission Karline Kleijer.  READ COMPREHENSIVE ARTICLE
from 03MAR
[Following the disaster] MSF announced ... that Pitt and Jolie [UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador currently living in N'awlins, LA ] were contributing $1 million to the organization's emergency medical operations responding to the earthquake.
The organization said it is dispatching additional emergency staff, including
a surgical team and equipment to establish a 100-bed inflatable tent hospital
with two operating rooms.

"We understand the first response is critical to serve
the immediate needs of countless people who are
now displaced from their homes, are suffering trauma,
and most require urgent care," Pitt said in a statement.
*Note - In 2006, Jean's charity, Yéle Haiti, reported contributions
of $1 million, the bulk of which came from People magazine in
exchange for the first photos of a pregnant Angelina Jolie (the
actress reportedly directed that the publication's payment go
to Jean's charity, not her personally).

On WPEB's Playlist:
Disaster on the ground: The Haiti Earthquake Mon,
02/08/2010 - 16:23
...The decisions of those leading the recovery matter.
The direction of the long-term recovery of Haiti matters.

The rainy season is rapidly approaching in Haiti, with its promise of violent
tropical storms. Aid organizations are finally distributing tarps for shelter,
but with serious concerns about their suitability for the heavy rains to come.
Meanwhile, food aid is still lacking and some communities have barely received
any aid at all.

While meeting the material needs of Haitians remains a priority, the emotional
trauma of the earthquake and its aftermath may prove to be an even longer
recovery. FSRN recently looked at how Haitians are coping and the need for
psychological help.

Check out Dolores's Reporter's Notebook from Haiti at fsrn.org/haiti-disaster.

Internet Radio French Carib NY: URL:
( Open URL
>>copy & paste into Windows Media Player or iTunes) 

:  (CNN) --11MAY: "Four months after a deadly earthquake claimed tens of 
thousands of lives in Haiti, the situation for many on the impoverished
Caribbean island remains bleak as they struggle day to day in makeshift
camps." Previously:".. Although Haiti's capital is in ruins and hundreds of thousands are 
homeless, a former prime minister of the earthquake-ravaged country vowed
'this country is not doomed.' In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour
in Haiti, former Haiti Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis said
>> " Medical Risks:
"What you're going to need, is something equivalent to a Marshall plan for Haiti.
These are our neighbors."
--Dr. Peter Hotez, Chair of the Department of
Microbiology, Immunology, & Tropical Medicine at George Washington University
Medical Center... Next buzz from the relief zone: 27APR2010:
Haitian Judge
Drops Kidnapping Charges Against American Missionaries
By Carmen Dixon.
Mar 08, 2010
: USA Today/AP says, "A judge in Haiti has freed one of two
remaining U.S. Baptist missionaries, but the group's leader is still in custody....
The group's leader, Laura Silsby, remains in jail." Previously, 17FEB2010:

Missionaries In Kidnap Case Freed From Haiti

Comes After Previous Recommendation
That Some Be Freed, "
Laura Silsby, the head of
New Life Children's Refuge and another member
of the group, Charisa Coulter, leave a court hearing
February 4, 2010 after being charged with child
abduction and criminal association in Port-au-Prince,
Haiti. Laura Silsby, the head of New Life Children's
Refuge and another member of the group, Charisa
Coulter, leave a court hearing February 4, 2010 after
being charged with child abduction and criminal
association in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
" ...more>>  

Earlier reports:
USAID Helps Supply Haitian
Orphanage in Need
State Department
: Interview on the Situation in Haiti and the
Adoption of Haitian Children
[transcript].   Americans
arrested taking children out of Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - "Haitian police have
arrested 10 U.S. citizens caught trying to take 33 children out of the earthquake-stricken
country in a suspected illicit adoption scheme, authorities said on Saturday..."
USA Today
(map) reports "The adoption of Haitian children by American families is facing
increased scrutiny by Haiti's government...", the State Department said Tu,26JAN ...as
claims of child trafficking are buzzing the web 2.0 circuit. As of 26JAN the WSJ
reports, Haiti Halts Departure of Orphans  
"...Even before the earthquake, economic
hardship drove many Haitian families to relinquish their children to orphanages. About
380,000 Haitian children were orphans even before the earthquake
struck, according to UNICEF."

ReliefWeb and source of map (left) showing survey of areas
effected by Quake. Haiti - Port-au-Prince - Building damage,
assessment per urban block (as of 13 Jan 2010).  Source(s):
-European Commission (EC), - International Charter Space and
Major Disasters - SERTIT. Format:PDF *, 321 Kb.  Latest Haiti
studies Colombian town for quake rebuilding...Source: Reuters
- AlertNet...Date: 08 Feb 2010:
"Town seen as model for Haiti's
post-quake reconstruction * Haiti studying options to shelter homeless after quake

(By Patrick Markey) BOGOTA, Feb 8, 2010 (Reuters) - "Haiti's interior minister on Monday
toured a Colombian town rebuilt after a huge 1999 tremor as his own country considered
plans to reconstruct its wrecked capital city after last month's devastating earthquake.
Haiti says more than 200,000 people were killed in the Jan. 12 earthquake that shattered
much of Port-au-Prince and left over 1 million people homeless, either sleeping in the
streets or in makeshift camps..."

 Initial Response Audio: (((mp3))

 Help for Haiti  (Photo Credits: Right: SIX MONTHS...President Obama & President Fernandez 
Meet on Trade, Drug-Trafficking, and Haiti. WH.gov (Blog's Audio MP3)... 
Posted by Jesse Lee on July 12, 2010 at 05:45 PM EDT.
(Ship Photo)
Credit Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross., More than 70
Creole-speaking American Red Cross volunteers joined the USNS Comfort to help U.S.
service members communicate with Haitian patients.
Navy at Sea off of Port-au-Prince, Haiti!, see right >> )

Office of the First Lady | For
Immediate Release : April 09, 2010 
Remarks by the First Lady during Department
f Defense Agency visit Pentagon
Courtyard, Washington, D.
C.   "There is still
so much work to do in Haiti. With the support
from America’s military, we’re going to be
able to do so much more. But the need
continues to be great. 

Every American is grateful for the service
that you’ve shown to that country. We’re
humbled by it. We’re inspired by it. But
nothing compares to the appreciation of
the Haitian people, which they have
expressed in so many ways. The cheering crowds when you arrived. The “thumbs up” they
gave you as you passed. The grateful mother who named her newborn for the Navy ship he
was born in. The man who said simply, “Without you, I would be dead. Thank you, America.”
Now, I couldn’t say it any better myself.

On behalf of the President, on behalf of the American people, thank you for the service
that you display every single day, around the world, often in harm’s way. Thank you all,
military and civilian, and to your families. You make us so very proud

Letter from the President Regarding
Budget Supplemental on Haiti

March 24, 2010:
Dear Madam Speaker:

I ask the Congress to consider the enclosed
amendments to Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 proposals
in my FY 2011 Budget. Included are amendments
for the Departments of Agriculture, Defense,
Health and Human Services, Homeland Security,
State, and the Treasury, as well as the United
States Agency for International Development
and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
These amendments would provide for costs
associated with relief and reconstruction support
for Haiti following the devastating earthquake of
January 12, 2010, including reimbursement of
obligations that have already been incurred by
these agencies.

The proposed totals for FY 2010 in my FY 2011 Budget would increase by $2.8 billion as a
result of these amendments.

This request responds to urgent and essential needs. Therefore, I request these proposals
be considered as emergency requirements. The details of these amendments are set forth
in the enclosed letter from the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.


Making It Easier for Americans to Support Haiti
latest from Whitehouse.gov
Statement by the Press Secretary on Haiti - February 12, 2010:
"As the people of Haiti observe a national day of mourning to remember those lost in
the catastrophic earthquake one month ago, the United States continues to stand with
our Haitian friends as they recover and rebuild. Our thoughts and prayers also remain
with Haitian-Americans around our country who have lost so many family and friends.

We are grateful to the many Americans who have responded with such speed and
compassion to assist the relief efforts being led by the Haitian government and supported
by the United Nations, as well as many countries and non-governmental organizations
from around the world....
" more>>

Previous statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 4462 - Posted on January 22, 2010
at 07:18 PM EST:

  On Friday, January 22, 2010, the President signed into law: H.R. 4462, which allows
taxpayers to accelerate the income tax benefits for certain charitable cash contributions
made before March 1, 2010, for the relief of victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

OpenCongress.org - H.R.4462 - "To accelerate the income tax benefits for charitable
cash contributions for the relief of victims of the earthquake in Haiti."
01/21/2010--Passed Senate without amendment. (This measure has not been
amended since it was passed by the House on January 20, 2010. The summary
of that version is repeated here.) Treats cash contributions made after Jan.11,
2010, and before March 1, 2010, for the relief of earthquake  


updated from Post on Philly.com on Fri, Jun. 18, 2010

Haitian family in Delco to take supplies home to family

   By Kathy Boccella Inquirer Staff Writer

 Starting a new life in Delaware County has not been easy for Haitian immigrant Peterson Massena, who arrived in Upland two years ago with three of his children. He juggles three jobs, working seven days a week, as he struggles to pull his family out of poverty.

Still, it all seems like a cakewalk when he gets on the phone with his wife or 8-year-old daughter, who are stuck in Haiti because of immigration issues and barely getting by after the massive earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince in January.

Inside Haiti A local reporter sifts through
the rubble
by Susan Phillips
"Bloody footprints are scattered along the
corridors of the General Melenciano Hospital
in Jimaní, a town in the Dominican Republic
bordering Haiti. Open wounds are often
yellowish and the air bears the heavy smell
of rotting flesh. Small children sit wide-eyed,
some with a leg or an arm severed. A woman
on the floor cries out in Creole for God and her
mother. She reaches out to me and I hold her
hand as the doctors examine her. The woman’s
husband points to her foot and makes the
universal sign for scissors. The doctors here
refer to the amputations as “guillotine
amputations,” because they use a hacksaw
and local anesthesia to perform the procedure.  

The high number of amputations result in part from delay in medical care; crushed
and broken bones go untreated to the point where infection sets in and amputations
are needed to save patients lives from deadly infections...."

(Photo, left, from PW site)

Haiti Earthquake Relief Response ( www.hpphilly.org ): The Haitian Professionals
of Philadelphia
(HPP) “Our hearts are in Haiti, but our feet are in Philly.” 

"Tweets: "
...From the generous donation of Blue Star Jets, we have
secured a private jumbo jet
to transport medical professionals and
supplies to Haiti. We are in need of DOCTORS, NURSES and DONATIONS
to go to Haiti in order to provide medical care.
" Now, one month later,
here's an update on the relief efforts of fellow Philadelphians, "The Haitian
Professionals of Philadelphia packed and deployed its third shipment donated of
medical supplies, water and food to Haiti on Saturday, February 13th. We
successfully loaded a 47' trailer with 22 Pallets of donations, which will be shipped
by Convoy of Hope directly to Haiti." (Photos by "ahpphilly")
Thanks Jasper for linkUP.
HPP is coordinating with the city and needs support from citizens concerned
or the humanity of our Haitian brothers & sisters.
The Office of State Representative Vanessa Brown

4706 Westminster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
  (215) 879-6615  pls, call first for updated  list of supplies  needed! < PDF >

Samuel Dalembert of the Philadelphia 76ers supports UNICEF's
emergency relief efforts in Haiti
: "1-877-AID-HAITI (877-243-4248)
National Basketball Association
star and Philadelphia 76ers center
Samuel Dalembert presented a personal check of $100,000 to support
USA UNICEF's emergency relief efforts for children affected by the
devastating earthquake in Haiti....  
( see PSA recorded on the NBA star's
charitable non-profit website, right,
click logo>> )  Born in Port–au–Prince and
raised in Haiti until the age of 14, Dalembert presented the check
before the Sixers hosted the Sacremento Kings at the Wachovia
Center last week...."  
Thu Jan 21, 1:39 am ET PHILADELPHIA,
Pennsylvania (AFP)
– "Samuel Dalembert rejoined the Philadelphia
76ers, but the images of his brief trip to his native Haiti remained
burned in his mind. "I tried to be strong," said Dalembert, who
visited his earthquake-torn homeland with former NBA star Alonzo
Mourning as part of Project MediShare. "
Project Medishare
dedicated to sharing its human and technical
resources with its Haitian partners in the quest
to achieve quality healthcare and development
services for all. Project Medishare is working
closely with Haitian President René Préval to
organize all medical teams on the ground and
implement a plan to set up field hospitals and
triage centers around the capital city of
Port-au-Prince.  When Project Medishare needed
help with their communications, Amateur Radio
operators were quick to respond. It has taken volunteers of many
forms to help Project Medishare's mission in Haiti.

Ellen Powers, Executive Director Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.
8260 N.E. 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33138
Phone: (305) 762-6448
Fax: (305) 756-8023
                  Email: info@projectmedishare.org

American Red Cross Video - WPEB West Philly

On the Feeds: Earthquake in Haiti: Reconnecting Families: See the Red Cross family links Web site (www.icrc.org/familylinks).
(Picture on right, Placid Dimanche, 61, shows photos of his family to American Red Cross worker
Winnie Romeril before using the ICRC Family Linking web site to let relatives in Miami know he is
safe. Croix Deprez, Port-au-Prince. January 26, 2010.  Photo: Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross).

 (Get latest UPDATE!) Earthquake in Haiti: Social Media:  23APR2010:How are donations helping people in Haiti?
Local news station @myfoxdc asked Gail McGovern

21APR2010:Well researched @Wired feature on how @redcross disaster technology works in situations like the Haiti
http://bit.ly/c7czmX ( picture from article below ).

Red Cross Helps Provide 100,000th Vaccination in Haiti Since the Earthquake
Marco Jiménez with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Port-au-Prince Thursday, March 04, 2010 — "When the Haitian
government decided that it needed to resume vaccination campaigns to help
prevent the spread of disease following the January 12 earthquake, the Red
Cross was one of the first organizations to respond – making resources
available to protect at least 250,000 children and adults from measles,
diptheria, pertussis and tetanus.

Within days of the quake, US marines were using military choppers to deliver water and rations to outlying areas.
Photo: Q. Sakamaki - Wired.com: Organizing Armageddon: What We Learned From the Haiti Earthquake
By Vince Beiser, 19APR2010.

Starting on February 8 with 120 volunteer vaccinators on the ground, including
those from Canada, Haiti, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Norway and the
Republic of Korea, the Red Cross and its partners began vaccinating as many
as 10,000 in a single day.

A great deal of progress has been made since...".the
Haiti Earthquake 2010:
One Month Progress REPORT <HERE>! "Tens of millions spent or committed
for key priorities of food, water and shelter

WASHINGTON, Thursday, January 28, 2010 — In an operation that has
involved more emergency response teams than any other single-country
disaster in global Red Cross history, the American Red Cross has so far
spent or committed more than $67 million to meet the most urgent needs
of earthquake survivors in Haiti. The American Red Cross is currently
focusing on three areas through its emergency responders and partners:
1. Sending food to those in need, including 3 million pre-packaged meals
and funding for World Food Program efforts that will enable them to feed
up to 1 million people for a month.
2. Providing clean drinking water, including 3.5 million liters distributed to
date in 68 settlements. Each day, the Red Cross is distributing enough
water for 100,000 people.
3. Distributing shelter items, such as blankets, tarps, sleeping mats and
tents, to families who have been left homeless." 

Next, "Earthquake in Haiti: Update #43: "
[Tuesday, January 26] the
Red Cross committ[s] $30 million to the World Food Programme
which will support their effort to feed two million people in Haiti over
the next six months. Other Red Cross relief supplies continue to arrive,
although significant bottlenecks remain."
( Left Photo: Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross:
Camp Daihatsu
, an internally displaced persons
|camp in Port-au-Prince. January 27, 2010. )

UN Food Programme in Haiti: Airport & Harbor Logistics: Emergency updates
&  Haiti Stabilization
( MINUSTAH is the French-language-based acronym
for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.)  
Published on 03 June 2010 PORT AU PRINCE – As the hurricane season officially
opens, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today outlined emergency
readiness plans to help Haiti meet the challenges of potentially devastating rains
and tropical storms....“Preparing now will help ensure that the efforts of Haitians
to bravely rebuild their lives and livelihoods are not undermined by nature,” added Sheeran.

A Future For Agriculture, A Future For Haiti - Published on 03 March 2010
--What would it take to transform Haiti's economy such that its role in
the global economy is no longer that of providing cheap labor for sweatshops?
(..) More than 2.4 million Haitians are estimated to be food-insecure.
Acute malnutrition among children under the age 5 is 9% and chronic
malnutrition for that age group is 24% (World Food Programme, 2010).

WFP Began a Major Scale-Up of Food Assistance in Haiti, from 30JAN2010, ROME
- "The United Nations World Food Programme has today begun a major
scaling up of its operation with the start of the first systematic food
distribution programme
to reach people affected by the Haiti earthquake.  
Under the leadership of the Haitian government, and in coordination with
the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the US military, and a group of key
non-governmental organisations, WFP is rolling out distributions at 16
fixed sites across the Haitian capital, with the aim of reaching over two
million people during a two-week period.  ...Despite all these obstacles,
WFP has reached nearly 600,000 people with over 16 million meals since
the earthquake struck.
"  more» 

Emergency updates: [ Tweets ] Haiti Earthquake Update - 30JAN2010:
UNHAS is currently operating three aircraft between Santo
Domingo and Port-au-Prince. Two passenger aircraft and one cargo
aircraft are available FREE OF CHARGE to the humanitarian community.

All aircraft currently operate between Aeropuerto Internacional La Isabela
(MDJB) in Santo Domingo and the Toussaint Louverture International Airport
(MTPP) in Port-au-Prince. De Havilland Dash-8 35-seat passenger aircraft
currently flies two rotations daily. Cessna Caravan 8-seat passenger aircraft
currently flies as needed. De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou 2.7 metric ton cargo
aircraft currently flies as needed.

For passenger and cargo booking please email: Passengers - Please send
a completed Passenger Booking Form to UNHASPAX.Haiti@wfp.org
Cargo - Please send a completed Cargo Movement Request form to:

Land Transport
A fleet of commercial trucks is available FREE OF CHARGE
to the humanitarian community. The fleet is managed by the Logistics
Cluster and consists of: 70 Flat Bed trucks - 35 metric ton capacity,
[15] 40' Container trucks - 30 metric ton capacity. For cargo booking
please submit a completed Cargo Movement Request form to:
Haiti.Cargo@logcluster.org  more» 

 UN Radio News: 27APR2010: Jared Bloch , IOM
spokesman, "The structures were designed by
IOM architects and engineers and they are
designed to last between 3 and 5 years, and
to withstand the rains and winds during the
rainy season. Transitional shelter operations
are also under way in the Petit Bois area of the
Croix-des-Bouquets with active coordination
between the community and the mayoral office."
Download the latest version of RealPlayer HERE. Previously::: 
"IOM and partners launch psychosocial support programme for Haiti:::
16/02/2010, The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and
its partners are launching a programme to provide emergency psychosocial 
support to thousands of the earthquake survivors in Haiti."
( REAL player FREE )

Related::: They call him Ted...statement from UN Foundation...read more»

MUSICIANS UNITE: Haiti Relief: Rebuilding Youth Orchestra Program
"The Youth Orchestra Program in Haiti has experienced a major setback.
The Program’s host school, the Ecole de Musique Sainte Trinité, has
been destroyed during the earthquake together with all the Program’s
instruments." Learn more:
UNICEF: Download the latest version of RealPlayer HERE:::
UNICEF Communications Officer Roshan Khadivi filed this
field diary on 25 February 2010, offering reflections on her
month in the Haitian quake zone. (((audio)))
Ambassador Angélique
Kidjo "... visited Haiti in Sept. 2009
and saw for herself the desperate circumstances of
children's and women’s lives, even in relatively normal 
times. 'I could hardly imagine the situation could become
worse. And now…an earthquake
,' she said this week."  
( pictured left and track played on special broadcast by 88.1fm-WPEB
on Saturday, 16JAN2010: "
Hazel for Haitians". )

Next, (video link from Yele.org: Apr 7, 2010 at 16:15) ...this video posted on ABC News,
and watch Wyclef talk about the need to keep the spotlight on Haiti and
for people to continue providing aid and support any way that they can!
Back a couple of months ago, added February 17, 2010, singer and music
producer Wyclef Jean on how his Haitian roots have influenced his music
career on a CNN video feature.  Going back in time...
did you see that

Six Months in.... Yele on CNN pre-Prez run...


Oprah show
? ...if you have doubts... "Wyclef Jean Returns to Haiti Video"

Warning: graphic content
. Nothing could have prepared Wyclef Jean for
the devastation he saw when he traveled to his home country of Haiti after
the earthquake.  
See handheld video....keep it real.  Let's recognize it's
music, culture and Diaspora:
Yéle Haiti: "Wyclef Jean covering "Rivers of
" into a Caribbean freestyle jam from NY!
The popular Wyclef
Jean's Earthquake Fund co-sponsored  last month's "
Hope for Haiti " |
.  08FEB2010, MTV News, "The first $35 million in funds raised
at the telethon has been distributed to the beneficiaries of the all-star
event. The six groups — Oxfam America, Partners in Health, the American
Red Cross, UNICEF, United Nations World Food Programme and Yele Haiti
Foundation, submitted proposals for what they intend to do with the funds
last week"....for
more info>>.  He jetted back down to Haiti after
performances by
é, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z w/ Rihanna,
Bono & Edge (U2)
, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Dave
Matthews w/ Neil Young
, Madonna, Shakira and Alicia Keys are just a
few of the performers who will be featured,
according to MTV Networks,
an integral partner in the two-hour event.
MTV News Returns From Haiti:
Help Is Happening, But Much More Is Needed,
(posted 1/25/10 6:15 pm ET)
Akshay Bhansali reports, "Last Friday's (January 22) "Hope for Haiti Now"
telethon raised $58 million in donations (as of Saturday, January 23)
from donors all over the world."  All proceeds from the telecast are to
be split among five organizations working on the ground in Haiti:

Oxfam America
, Partners in Health
(see local article: "HUP sends medical team
to Haiti, receives Haitian patients in Phila.
" *Note - no BBB charity chk report available "
...this organization has provided current materials to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)..." )
American Red Cross, UNICEF and Y
éle Haiti.  Despite caution, there is
a thing called redemption and these next three are worth looking at
after the Press Conference link above:
Catholic Relief Services:  
CRS Webcast  is W,24Feb:
Food Distribution, LinkUP with N'awlins
and lastly,
About the Pan American Development Foundation.

Beware of fraud and take the time to thoroughly research it before
making a gift. Charity Navigator's
Blog has some discussion about
verity. PA's Charities OnLine Database website,
here.  1-800-732-0999. 

Charity Navigator
is also recommended by the Center for International
Disaster Information (
CIDI), an organization funded by the United
States Agency for International Development's Office of Foreign
Disaster Assistance. CIDI provides individuals, groups, embassies
and corporations with information and guidance in support of
appropriate international disaster relief efforts.
 more »
Please call in, 215-472-0881/2 to WPEB studios if you are Haitian-
American or West African, know businesses/contacts in Cuba, JA
or Dominican Republic and/or have connections to help international
relief efforts...pls act and reach out if you are willing and able.  

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