Scholastic Enhancement Tutoring



Get SET (Scholastic Enhancement Tutoring) Academic year program (October—May) is a free after-school tutoring/mentoring program. We also offer a four week Get SET summer day camp in July. Get SET programs are educational and focus on academic performance, building positive self-esteem, and respecting self and others.  High school aged youth learn and develop leadership skills and a good work ethic.


Get SET embraces the arts.  Our programs give children and youth the space to express themselves creatively.  Our children have written and acted in short plays, choreographed dances and performed in recitals, created poetry, designed sculpture pieces, drawn murals, and much more.


Get SET is multicultural and multilingual. Our programs focus on learning about the many cultures of people around the world.  Through music and visual arts, our children have been exposed to cultural and artistic expression from all continents.  In addition, members of our staff are bilingual in English and Spanish.


Get SET develops parental partnerships.  Our Open House events provide a family atmosphere for parents/guardians and children of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.


Get SET is also a sanctuary for youth away from the violence and gang presence prevalent in our communities and schools.


Our Get Set Director is Alexandra Canales.