Welcome to Commonspace, a site for sharing teaching materials associated with the First-Year Writing Program at Eastern Michigan University.

To request an instructor page, begin by signing up for a free Google account. Next, send a request via email to Derek Mueller, Associate Director of the First-Year Writing Program, at derek.mueller@emich.edu.  Remember to include your gmail.com email address in the body of the message. 

Announcements (updated 4/19/2013)
  • Please mark your calendar for the EMU FYWP Fall Retreat, Friday, August 23, 2013.  Time and location will be announced soon.
  • Commonspace is quickly approaching the storage limits provided by Google.  More than 200 documents were uploaded to the site in 2012-2013 (209 to be exact!).  When possible, it is best to host materials in your own Google account, to share the document, and to provide a link from Commonspace to the copy in your account. Adopting this approach will help us distribute storage.
  • The First-year Writing Committee will meet on three Fridays each semester next year.  Instructional staff (i.e., full- and part-time lecturers and GTAs) who are interested in serving as a regular member of the committee, please email Derek Mueller with your interest at derek.mueller@emich.edu.
  • We are planning a series of professional development workshops for 2013-2014.  If you are interested in leading a session (individually or collaboratively) or if you have ideas for the focus of a workshop you would like to see offered next year, please email Derek Mueller with suggestions at derek.mueller@emich.edu.