General Information



10 - 13 March

Conference Venue

The Conference will be held at Morgana Azur Resort (****). It is located at the north east point of the Sinai Peninsula about 45 minutes from taba airport, .At one of the most beautiful location in the very well known Taba Riviera .Overlooking its own private beach and house reef offering the perfect paradise for holidays makers and water sport enthusiasts as this area is famous for its water sport activities, deep sea diving, coral reef and tropical fish species

Official Language

The official language of the Conference is English.


There is an airport in Taba, however the major flights comes to Cairo international air port (720 Km) to Taba. The registration fee covers transportation with private bus from Cairo and Alexandria and vice versa.


The weather in Egypt is typically desertic. It means that days are warm or hot, and nights tend to be cool. Throughout the Red Sea Riviera humidity is almost non-existent, and constant breezes make the warm to hot temperatures more than bearable if not simply very pleasant during any period of the year. There are only two seasons: a mild winter from November to April and a hot summer from May to October. The only differences between the seasons are variations in daytime temperatures and changes in prevailing winds.

Along the Red Sea, temperatures range between an average minimum of 14° C in winter and an average maximum of 35° C in summer. Precipitation is almost non-existent: only in autumn and spring the odd rainfall that lasts no longer than fifteen minutes helps sustaining the rare desert flora and fauna. Some areas can experience years without rain, and suddenly receive downpours that result in flash floods.



Passport & Visas

Every visitor to EGYPT must have a valid passport and a visa, if required. Information and Inquiries can be directed to diplomatic representatives of EGYPT.


The official currency in EGYPT is the Egyptian Pound (EGP), 1 Euro = about 8.5 EGP and 1 Us dollar = about 5.5 EGP. Foreign currency, traveler's cheques and Eurocheques can be exchanged at the airport upon arrival, as well as in all major banks. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops etc.