Book Donations


We can accept any paperback books you'd like to give us. 

We are especially in need of craft books (not patterns), dictionaries, fiction and non-fiction by African-American writers, any contemporary books in Spanish, true crime books, vampires books, women's health, self-help books, books on recovery from chemical dependency. 
Though, we'll be happy to take any book that is in good condition.

We are NOT able to accept;
-other periodicals
-spiral bound notebooks
-anything that is not a book (or cash) 

Please do not bring/send more than 100 books per donation. Our space is very small and we want to be able to keep as many books as we can. If you have books that you think we could use in a larger amount please email us first    

We take books everyday year round, so anytime you like you can either mail the books "media rate" or just drop them off during Boneshaker's business hours, 11-8pm daily.

Women's Prison Book Project
c/o Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave S  
Minneapolis, MN 55404

If you include your name and address with your package, we'll send you a receipt after the books arrive.  All of your donations to us are tax deductible.  

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Women's Prison Book Project,
Jan 3, 2011, 8:17 PM