AIMR Workshop on Pure and Applied Mathematics - Sendai, January 7-8, 2019

Welcome to the homepage for the "AIMR Workshop on Pure and Applied Mathematics"!

This workshop will be held at the Advanced Institute for Materials Research in Sendai, Japan on January 7th and 8th, 2019. The aim of the workshop is to bring together leading experts on different areas of mathematics (applied mathematics, geometry, dynamical systems, calculus of variations and graph theory) and apply their joint expertise to the investigation and design of new functional materials. This workshop is supported by the MEXT-program for Scientific Reasearch on Innovative Areas "Discrete Geometric Analysis for Materials Design".


January 7 (Mon) - 8 (Tue), 2019


Seminar Room 2B, AIMR Main Building 2F, Katahira Campus, Tohoku University


David Bourne (Heriot-Watt University, UK)

Peter Gladbach (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Eva Kopfer (University of Bonn, Germany)

Tatsuya Miura (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Hisashi Morioka (Doshisha University, Japan)

Florentin Münch (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Michiaki Onodera (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Ryokichi Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan)

Asuka Takatsu (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Taiki Yamada (Tohoku University, Japan)


Motoko Kotani (Tohoku University, Japan)

Andreas Dechant (Tohoku University, Japan)

Kohei Suzuki (Tohoku University, Japan)

Yohei Sakurai (Tohoku University, Japan)