Belize 2011 Pictures

Fourteen Bios club members traveled to Central America with climbing a mountain in mind.  For months before the trip we vigorously prepared; running stairs, weight lifting, and swimming.  We all learned that the tropical rainforest is a sweaty place, but more importantly we learned what our bodies could do when we set our minds to it.  Sites of scarlet mccaws, bush dogs, caimans, boat billed herons, a king vulture, an oropendola, and the sounds of the motmot and the trogon made our time in the jungle easier if not heavenly.  After the jungle beat us to a pulp, we relaxed on half moon keye off the coast of Belize.  Well... until the storm... and the food poisoning.  All in all, an amazing trip.

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Earth Week 2011 Pictures

You can't appreciate what our club can do till you experience an earth week.  With speakers, volunteering, crafts, an art show, an open mic night, an animals show, and information tables, it is one busy week.  But in the end, true bios club members remain standing proud of what they've done.  This year succeeded in over 50 bags of trash and recyclables picked up locally, 30 blue bird boxes installed in state game lands, and the beginning work on a trail restoration.  And even though the death of a horse may have ruined the birds of prey show, it was a great week. 

Earth Week 2011