About Us

The 'Bios Club' was formed as a recognized student organization at Clarion University in 1970.  For our 40th anniversary we became an official chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology.  Thousands of students have joined this club.  In the last two years we have incorporated an annual Earth Week celebration into our schedule, which includes local speakers on conservation and sustainability, an animal show, a birds of prey show, an art show, and an open mic night.  There is also daily volunteering including trash pick ups, local trail maintenance, tree planting, and blue bird house installations.  
Our Mission:  The purpose of The W. Pennsylvania Bios Chapter of SCB at Clarion University is to inspire in members a love for nature and biology.  We will encourage conservation biology and promote awareness and involvement in local and global conservation issues.  Members are encouraged to become active in the Society for Conservation Biology, a professional organization with chapters around the globe.  Through this chapter, members, particularly science majors will be provided with opportunities to learn more about careers in their field, learn about political and environmental issues, make a difference through volunteering, travel to different ecosystems, support other conservation oriented organizations, and work with members of the community. 
We Stick Together !
American Toads in amplexus
                                                                            American Toads in Amplexus