Earth Week Art Show!
Friday, April 25th, 2014
5-7 p.m. 
1st Floor Lobby of Clarion University's Science and Technology Center
Submissions for the art show will be accepted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from April 21-24, 2014 in the first floor lobby of Clarion University's Science and Technology Center. Pieces can be in any medium and must be under 100 lbs, and will be judged by voters at the show in multiple categories. Winners will receive prizes which can be picked up with their pieces on Monday, April 28th. For more details, entry forms, and tags for submitted art work, see the document below.

Pottery Fundraiser: With a donation from the art department and the help of a few skilled ceramicists, we made our own pots (left) and sold them during earth week (right).

What can the Western Pennsylvania Bios Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology offer you ?

As a group of young people lead by passionate naturalists and conservationists, we strive to show our members the wonders of nature, teach them how to live more sustainable lifestyles, and show them the importance of conservation.  We also strive to offer students opportunities to learn more about careers in biology and show them that an education in biology is the best education you can get. 

A biology student who is active in our chapter will leave Clarion University having a realistic idea of what careers are available and what they want.  Students have the opportunity to teach community members, elementary and high students, and college students.  They have the opportunity to work with local non-profit and government agencies, that offer many jobs to biology majors.  They will also have the opportunity to get involved with research projects and conduct science.  With these opportunities, students can decide while they're still obtaining their Bachelor's degree that they do or don't want to teach, conduct field work, conduct lab work, work for a certain agency, or do scientific research. 

A community member, non-science major student, or non-CU student can learn many things from our organization.  In a time where it seems our water and air may never be completely free of chemicals or toxins, we offer hope to our members by showing them that one person can make a difference.  We challenge all of our members to think BIG.  We want our members to come up with ideas for events, activities, volunteering, or any project and pursue it to completion. We support all of our members in what they think is important and encourage them to try to change the world around them. 

News and Events:

Thank you all for a successful spring
semester and a wonderful Earth Week! Meetings for this semester are finished, and will resume in the fall. Have a wonderful summer!
    WPA SCB,
    Mar 3, 2014, 11:59 AM