Linux on Fluke etherscope II

Enhancing Etherscope II functionality  

This page is dedicated to enhancing Fluke Etherscope II functionality, by building certain GPL network analysis tools such as tcpdump, nmap, or even ethereal for the Etherscope II platform. In the next months i'll try to put here some informations about Etherscope II platform, and about the progress of making software extensions for Etherscope II.

Etherscope II specs
ARM X-Scale PXA 255 CPU @ 400Mhz, 8MB system flash memory, and 128MB Sandisk IDE flash disk, 128MB RAM. Linux kernel on my unit: 2.4.19-rmk6-pxa. System is using Trolltech qtopia as a GUI. Here's the linuxdevices article on the unit.

Build diary 

17.04.2007 - I'm building arm-xscale cross compiler using crosstool-0.43 and old slackware 8.0 system with build system GCC upgraded to 3.2.3

18.04.2007 - Cross compiler succesufy built. Test program hello.c is working on etherscope. Now to compile first tool: tcpdump.

19.04.2007 - tcpdump is working on Etherscope II. I'm beggining work on building etherscope version of Zethereal - ethereal version for Zaurus PDA, and other tools.

Files to download

 Etherscope II binaries: 

  • tcpdump 3.9.5 linked against libpcap 0.9.5 here (it currently works only on the wired ethernet interface).
  • ttcp traffic generator here
  • nmap scanner here
  • net-snmp command line tools (snmpwalk,snmpget,etc...) here