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WoW Sales Reports currently supports the following features
  • Compatible with Auctioneer/BeanCounter 5.5+
  • Detects WoW installation directory automatically (to read data from)
  • Detects Windows user desktop to put output file there
  • output file in TSV (tab separated values)
  • Excel friendly output (data is output such that Excel will pick up the correct formats for each type of data)
  • Automatic conversion of date from Unix epoch (what WoW uses on both Mac and PC) to Excel date serial
  • Ouputs data about completed auctions (what user sold) and completed bids & buyouts (what user bought)
  • Automatically detects if Excel is installed on the system and tries to generate custom reports from the data using it
Features that are planned, but not implemented yet
  • support failed auctions, but that is currently not implemented
  • improved performance
  • more custom Excel reports for easier use