What is this?

WoW Sales Reports (WSR) is a tool that enables World of Warcraft players to get data from the in-game auction-house into a more suitable format for analysis, using powerful and familiar tools such as Excel or equivalents.

To get started you will need to
  1. be able to log into World of Warcraft (subscription paid, internet access, latest patches)
  2. install the Auctioneer Suite addon from http://auctioneeraddon.com/ (currently WSR supports series 5.5+)
  3. download the latest binary package of WSR (from the download page)
  4. extract the contents of the package you downloaded to a convenient location, such as your Desktop
  5. understand the format of the WSG output
  6. get a good grip of Excel to process the data which WSG will produce
After you run WSR and get its output, which is in Excel-friendly TSV format, you will need to fire up either Excel, if you have it, or a free alternative. You can get a pretty good Excel replacement from OpenOffice.

After that the possibilities are endless. Just to give you some pointers (many of the examples below will require that you know how to build a Pivot Table or at least a Filter)
  • see how you sales vary depending on week day (are sales higher on Monday, or on Sunday?, can you sell higher on week-ends or week-days?)
  • build a top list of people buying your auctions, based on number of auctions or total gold amount (can you sell directly and bypass the AH fee?)
  • build a top list of people you have been buying from during the last 3 months (can you get a discount from some people you buy a lot from?)
  • see which of your crafting professions are more profitable and by how much (optionally match your revenue against your materials costs)
  • where does my revenue come from (you can have a nice pie-chart showing you just that)