Note: Wow Sales Reports is now available as source code for anyone willing to improve this application.

Wow Sales Reports (WSR) is an application that creates reports in Excel based on your sales and buyout transactions in World of Warcraft.

To do so, it uses the data gathered by the Auctioneer Addon, converts it into a format that you can access in your favourite spreadsheet and, if you have Excel installed, opens it up and creates some nice reports for you automatically.

With or without Excel, you will be able to see
  • everything you sold and bought,
  • what its name is,
  • when was it bought or sold (including day of week such as "Monday"),
  • filter out just the items you are interested in
  • see which items bring in the most gold for you
  • see when your items sold for more based on the day of week
  • match your materials costs against the revenue that crafted items brings in
  • see what your return on investment is
  • see historical evolution of actual prices for bought and sold items
  • anything else you may be interested in that has to do with sales and buyouts
All these data are filterable by realm, character an faction, so that you can get accurate statistics of all your goldĀ  in- and out-flows.
In fewer words, WSR gives you control over your World of Warcraft gold making and spending.

To better understand what this is all about, read more about what WSR is, learn how to use it and then give it a spin.
If you are very new to the subject, you may find the resources page useful.

If you like the application, please take the time to donate using the button below. It's highly appreciated and keeps WSR in development.