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This is a user unfriendly test add-on for World of Warcraft designed to help maintain other add-ons such as _Clean and _Cursor.  It iterates through a subset of all WoW files one at a time for human inspection, with the ability to leave comments per file.

Because WoW doesn't expose file lists to add-ons, _FileTest requires a few third party scripts and tools.  Most importantly, you must extract listfiles from all WoW MPQ archives for the addon to function.  MyWarcraftStudio is one program capable of extracting them.  Once all listfiles are in place, a Lua script parses them all into a data file used by the addon directly.  Therefore, you'll need a copy of Lua 5.1 to run that script.  All of this is explained step by step in readme.txt, reproduced below:

_FileTest Readme:

1. Open each MPQ file in <World of Warcraft/Data> using MyWarcraftStudio:
A. Select File -> Extract Listfile...
B. Save as a (*.txt) file in _FileTest's <Data> folder using the same file
name and folder structure.
2. Update <ListGen.lua>:
A. Make sure the file extension filter near the top of the script is right.
B. Adjust any directory exclusions towards the end of the script.
3. Run <ListGen.lua> to prepare <_FileTest.MPQContents.lua>.
4. Implement _FileTest.ClearFile and _FileTest.SetFile in <_FileTest.lua>.
5. Start WoW and test some files.

Note: Be sure to /console ReloadUI often to save results to disk.
Results can be found in <World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/{ACCOUNTNAME}/SavedVariables/_FileTest.lua>.
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Add-on with 3.3.0 listfile data and a sample data set to use with _Cursor.  1370k v. 1 Feb 1, 2010, 10:27 AM Saiket Wow

_FileTest add-on and data preparation scripts. Actual listfile data not included!  8k v. 1 Feb 1, 2010, 10:23 AM Saiket Wow