About _VirtualPlates


Nameplates are hard to look at.  They fill your screen and make an absolute mess when you're fighting lots of mobs.  _VirtualPlates gives them depth, so they fit into the game world instead of covering it.

Overlapping nameplates without _VirtualPlates.

A heap of default nameplates…

Scaled nameplates using _VirtualPlates.

…Transformed into something usable!


This has little configuration, and should work with most other nameplate skinning mods such as Aloft, TidyPlates, and caelNameplates.  You might prefer to turn on Allow Overlapping Unit Nameplates in Interface Options > Names > Unit Nameplates so nameplates won't bump into each other.  The sample screenshots were taken with this new feature enabled.


_VirtualPlates' options can be found in the Interface Options > _VirtualPlates menu.

  • Nameplate Scale Limits:
    • Minimum Scale: Limits how small nameplates can shrink to.  Values can range from 0 (meaning disabled) to 1 (meaning plates won't get smaller than their default size).  For example, a value of 0.5 would keep plates from shrinking beyond half their original size.
    • Limit maximum scale: When enabled, this prevents nameplates from getting too big when they get close to your camera.
    • Maximum Scale: Similar to the “Minimum Scale” slider, but this value controls how many times larger than the default size a nameplate can grow to.
  • Scale Factor: When nameplates are this many yards from the screen, they'll be normal sized.  Larger distances mean larger nameplates.

A nearby mob's nameplate overlaps a few in the background, using TidyPlates' default nameplate skin.
Compatible with danltiger's TidyPlates.

A mechanized gnome patrol with caelNameplates-themed plates.
Also works with Caellian's caelNameplates.

All manner of plates, all compatible with _VirtualPlates!
Works with a variety of plates.

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