About _MiniBlobs


_MiniBlobs puts quest POI and archaeology dig site map blobs onto your minimap.  It supports all standard minimap shapes, and works out of the box.

* Numbered quest markers not included.

Quest POIs and archaeology dig sites from the world map shown on the minimap.
Objective highlights from the world map appear on the minimap too.

The options window contains settings for blob quality and individual settings for quest and archaeology blob appearance.


  • Blobs hide in combat.
  • All quests in your quest log show their objective highlights.  _MiniBlobs ignores quest watch settings.
  • This mod only adds blobs to the minimap - no numbered indicators from the world map.
  • Doesn't work with the “Rotate Minimap” option.


You can access _MiniBlobs' options from your Interface Options menu.  From there, the “Quality” slider controls how smooth the edges of blobs are drawn, and how jagged the edges of the minimap appear.  The lowest setting should look reasonable without dropping your framerate.  Higher settings, on the other hand, may cause dramatic performance drops for large, rounded minimaps.

Each type of blob can be configured separately.  Both have configurable transparency, a dropdown to choose their general look (limited to default quest blue or dig site red), and a checkbox to disable that blob type entirely.

Quest blobs have an extra “Quest Filter” option to customize which ones you want to see.  You can pick from either showing all quests, only quests tracked by Blizzard's Objectives list, or only your selected quest.  This last setting matches how the World Frame shows quest blobs; You can change your selection by clicking the numbered circles in your Objectives list or on your World Map.

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