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Change Log

  • Fixed the window's position for Mists of Pandaria.
    • Added filtering of guild bank tabs.
    • Adjusted window position to fit extra bank tabs better.
    • 4.3's new inventory search feature is incompatible and won't affect GuildBankSearch.
  • Updated frFR localization.
  • Bumped TOC for 4.1.
  • Bumped TOC for patch 4.0.1.
  • Added ability to filter by tooltip text.
  • Added frFR localization by Nodd.
  • Bumped TOC for 3.2.
  • Added zhTW localization by jyuny1.
    • Added koKR localization by freshworks.
    • Shift clicking items while the filter window is open will search for them by name.
  • Development of GuildBankSearch handed off to Saiket from Harros.  Minor updates for 3.0.2 compatibility.