About _Corpse


_Corpse tells you the faction, online status, and other information about corpses you see.  That is, when you mouse over a corpse (after the player releases spirit), _Corpse automatically queries the server about who owns the body and automatically colors and fills out its tooltip like a regular living unit.

Hostile offline corpseHostile online corpse
Friendly offline corpseFriendly online corpse

How It Works

This mod is a spiritual successor to CorpseInfo, however it is significantly faster and less prone to error because it uses the friends list rather than “/who” queries.  Not only that, but it's always accurate about the target's faction, and can see when enemies are online.

In battlegrounds, _Corpse uses the scoreboard data directly to instantly give you class and faction information.

Why Use _Corpse?

It can help you decide if a corpse is worth resurrecting, because it shows online/offline status and <AFK> flags.  Wondering if a dead enemy is still online and worth camping?  This is your mod.  It has no configuration; just install it and mouse over some corpses.

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