Saiket's add-ons and WoW projects.  Small, efficient, and to the point (most of the time)!

Please note that I've abandoned these projects, and they are no longer updated here.

Maintained Add-Ons:

My everyday mods.
[*] Download _Dev Add-on development tools.
[*] Download _DevPad Notepad for Lua scripts and mini-addons.
[ ] Download _Latency Graphs a more accurate latency measurement that includes server lag.
[ ] Download _Underscore My modular compilation of changes to the default UI and other mods.
[*] Download _UTF Unicode input dialog.  Also allows XML entity references in chat.
[*] Download GridStatusHealthFade A Grid status that fades color based on health. (Originally by North101)
[*] Download GuildBankSearch Adds a filter for your guild bank and its logs.
[*] Download Juggler Simplifies the Midsummer Fire Festival's [Torch Juggler] achievement down to scrolling your mousewheel.
[ ] Download LibTextTable-1.1 Embedded library to create simple scrollable tables of text.
[*] Download oUF_SpellRange Range element for Haste's oUF unit frames that works for non-group members.

Retired Add-Ons:

Ancient history.
[ ] Download _Arena Used to use camera tricks to profile opposing arena teams before games.
[ ] Download _Clean My modular compilation of changes to the default UI and other mods.  Renamed _Underscore.
[*] Download _Corpse Shows the faction and online status of released corpses.
[*] Download _Cursor Adds customizable cursor trails to your mouse.
[*] Download _Immunize Protects the client from the “|3” crash.
[ ] Download _Link Allowed creation of custom item links with arbitrary enchants.
[*] Download _MiniBlobs Puts quest POI regions and archaeology digsites into your minimap.
[ ] Download _Misc Mash-up of functionality changes to the default UI and other mods.  Merged into _Clean.
[*] Download _Nameplates Made a targetable list of nearby players sorted by health.
[*] Download _NPCScan Scans NPCs around you for rare ones.
[*] Download _NPCScan.Overlay Integrates with _NPCScan to add map overlays for rare mob patrols.
[ ] Download _Unghost Allowed players to release spirit directly to their corpse rather than a graveyard.
[ ] Download _Units A few small changes and additions to unit frames.  Merged into _Clean.
[ ] Download _Vendor Bought items just before server restarts to get them for free.
[ ] Download _VirtualMap Virtual 3D map overlay for GatherMate, based on GatherHud by Grum and Xinhuan.
[*] Download _VirtualPlates Gives nameplates depth, so they fit into the game world instead of covering it.
[*] Download ItemRackTitles Swapped titles with your gear sets in Gello's ItemRack.
[*] Download LibCamera-1.0 Embedded library to keep track of where the camera is.

Note: The non-featured [ ] ones are tailored for me, and only me.  You might like them… but I can't make any promise that they'll work with your UI.