WoW-Pro's team is working on our very own addon! Though the initial use will be primarily for leveling guides, the addon will eventually encompass many of the guides which appear on this site.

This does mean we are no longer supporting or updating the old, Tour Guide based guide. In addition, we will only be providing limited support for the old guide files, since most of them will become obsolete when Cataclysm is released (Outland and possibly Northrend being notable exceptions).


  • Move to Github and Version 0.12.1
    Hi everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce the move of the work in progress versions of the addon to github! Our site is located at:


    All documentation, issue tracking, and downloads will be moving there. Additionally, if you would like to be added as a collaborator to the project there, let me know. Otherwise, everyone is free to continue downloading the addon in zip format from the download tab over on that site.

    Note that the documentation hasn't been moved over yet, but it should be done sometime this week.

    Now, on to the version notes!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Arrow reseting mid-step
    • "total" variable in guide list and titlebar misbehaving
    • partial completes listed full quest objectives
    • New Guide dialog now correctly dissappears
    • Added "Reset Guide" button to new guide dialog
    • Current guide pane now defaults to current position in guide
    • set hearth steps will display the correct icon
    • combat lockdown instituted

    New Features:
    • profiles system added via Ace3
    • enable/disable system moved to Ace3
    I know, new features means I should have updated the version number to 0.13. I'm new to this stuff, sorries :(

    Keep up the awesome work, everyone, and please leave feedback on the github site in the future if possible!

    Posted Jul 26, 2010, 7:32 PM by Sarah Herzog
  • Possible Use of Github
    Hi folks.

    I really don't like the current system we have for reporting bugs and feature requests. I'm looking into other options.

    I've created a repository for us on gitthub which I currently have NO idea how to use but I am planning on figuring it out. It comes with a nice issue tracker that I think would be much more useful than the combination of comments, PMs, and emails we are now using. Check that out here: http://github.com/Jiyambi/WoW-Pro-Guides/issues

    What I am wondering is if people would support a move for the alpha content from this google site to the github site. I think for alpha type needs it might be a good choice. Any thoughts?
    Posted Jul 24, 2010, 12:35 PM by Sarah Herzog
  • Version 0.12 - BETA Candidate

    Alright folks, this could be it. I've uploaded the most recent version of the addon, and I've crossed every bug and needed feature off my list. So if this goes well in testing, I'll release it on the main WoW-Pro site next week.

    Bug Fixes:

    •  Double-clicking the titlebar to hide the guide no long makes the guide display an empty window on reopen when resize is enabled
    • Tooltips no longer appear off the screen if the guide is placed on the left side of the screen. NOTE: Itembuttons will always appear on the left side. It was producing a lot of lag to try and move them, and I think they still look better over there even with the guide is on that side of the screen.
    • The guide no longer jumps in position when being hidden or when automatically resizing itself when using the manual step number setting.
    • The lag due to changing the guide's size or the row spacing or size is now gone.
    • Quest tracking now works when you first load up your character - it was not working until guide update or reload in the past.

    New Features:

    • Cooldown on Item Buttons
    • Confirmation Message - when the addon tries to load the next guide after you've completed one. You have the option to choose a guide from the menu instead.
    • Optional |O| and Prerequisite |PRE| tags - Full functionality added. |O| tags must be accompanied by a |PRE| tag or a |L| tag to work. The |O| step will display only if the |PRE| quest is complete, or if the required |L| items are in the player's inventory
    • Minimap Button can be hidden
    • Version Number - now displayed in the config panel

    Still To Come:

    • |LVL| tag, displayed if you are below that level
    • |T| tag, targets specified mob and marks it
    • |LEAD| tag, for optional lead-in quests that don't show up if you've already completed their follow-up
    • Z step type. Because Horde have zeppelins not boats dammit!
    • Quest dependencies
    • Quest skipping
    • Right click step to share quests
    • Numbered ranking for steps, and a difficulty slider that allows users to skip unimportant / lower XP quests. Intended for RaF, heirlooms, or heavy instancers. (conversely also good for completists, who can use the lowest setting).

     Test away, and let me know if you notice any issues!

    Posted Jul 18, 2010, 2:20 AM by Sarah Herzog
  • Version 0.11
    This is just a quick patch which fixes some bugs and adds a couple features.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I included the guides which were modified by Shakazam as well as the most up to date guides that others have uploaded here. So if you are working on a guide right now, PLEASE make a back up of it and be careful that your working version doesn't get overwritten when you download this new update!

    Bug Fixes:

    • New Character Load: Fixed the issue that was causing multiple errors on load for any new characters other than orcs, trolls, or draenei. Sorry, I thought I fixed this long ago but apparently I didn't!

    • Nil Guide Infinite Loop: Nil guide was set to load itself upon completion, causing an infinite loop. I fixed this and also coded for the case where a "next guide" was not listed, so the user should not see any errors due to this anymore.

    New features:

    • Enable/Disable: The addon as a whole and also individual modules can now be enabled or disabled from their config panels. Disabling hides the frames and unregisters events, but leaves the config panels and minimap button in place.

    • Load Default Settings: The main config panel now has an option to reload the default settings.

    • Panda: Thanks to Gylin, who located the in game icon, we now have an actual panda icon which matches WoW-Pro's logo. Yay!
    More features are hopefully on the way tomorrow, but I wanted to get this quick patch out to help with those nasty bugs!
    Posted Jul 17, 2010, 4:42 AM by Sarah Herzog
  • Version 0.10
    A new version of the addon is available for download, and boy is it a big one! This newest version is packed FULL of new features.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Item buttons work! The code cleanup to prepare for the customization features magically fixed our weird issue with the item button. Yay! We still need to add the cooldown but it's looking good!

    • Code cleanup - anyone working on the code please take note that I've cleaned up a LOT involving the code frames. They have changed significantly so please check them if you are working on something. In particular, I've completely revamped the way sticky frames are handled. Ask me if you need help with this. NOTE: This is all internal code, people writing guide files shouldn't notice anything!

    New features:

    • Customization! You can now customize:
      • Background texture and color, both for the main guide window and for sticky steps. Can use alpha to make frame transparent.
      • Border type, and whether it's present at all.
      • Titlebar color, and whether it's present at all.
      • Text - size, color, and font.
      • Notes - hover over or always displayed
      • Enable/disable drag and resize
      • Padding and spacing
      • Manually set the number of steps displayed - guide window will resize to the number specified if this option is enabled.

    • Menu buttons - I added new buttons to the right-click dropdown menu! You can reset the current guide and open up the new display customization from here

    • Quest Tracker - optional. Tracks quest just like the normal quest tracker. Shows under all "complete" steps, or "note"/"kill" steps that complete based on partial quest objectives. Not yet thoroughly tested so please provide feedback!

    • Click to open quest - Just click a step to open it's corresponding quest if the quest is in your log!

    • Progress - displayed on Title Bar. In the future may add an option to display a percentage instead of a straight # / #. Did some corrections to how these numbers are calculated so they will be more accurate.

    • Guide Load On Complete - When an old guide is completed, a new one loads! There isn't a confirmation message for this yet, but it will be added.

    • Minimap Button / LDB Object - For now this only opens and closes the addon's frame on left click and opens options on right click. It might have more functionality in the future.

    Known Issues / Needed Additions:

    • Enable/Disable of the addon as a whole or the leveling module aren't set up yet, so don't be alarmed!

    • Frame is generally set up to be situated on the right side of the screen only (in terms of where tooltips appear). No this is not how it will always be, but that's how it is for the time being.

    • When using manual step number, when the guide resizes itself, it anchors to it's center so it's resize acts a little weird. I need to investigate how to go about fixing this - help greatly appreciated. Note that this also happens when the guide is resized to hide it when double clicking the title bar.

    • On guide update and any time the height of the rows is changed, there is a decent amount of lag. I don't like this but I'm not sure if we'll be able to easily change it. The source of the lag is definitely the WoWPro.RowSizeSet() function, which seems kind of strange because it only has 15 repetitions and other functions have much more and don't cause the lag issue. Go go gadget programmers, figure it out! :)

    • There is still no cooldown on the item buttons, I've been meaning to add it back in but haven't got around to it yet.

    • When auto-loading the next guide, there needs to be a confirmation message.

    • Need an option to reload the default display settings.

    • On initial guide load, quest tracking doesn't seem to work. As soon as the addon is updated, however, it works as intended. Can't figure out why this is >_<

    Once all the known issues are fixed and the needed additions are added, this version should be ready for beta release. It's still kind of a long list, but I'm confident we'll be able to get them done fairly quickly. Please report any and all bugs you find!

    Programmers: I need help most with finding out whats going on with the resize (actually it's a :SetHeight() function) and why there is so much lag when we call WoWPro.RowSizeSet(). Anyone who can shed some light on one of those two issues wins tons of karma, both the intangible kind and the kind that means points and privileges on WoW-Pro!

    Posted Jul 14, 2010, 12:21 PM by Sarah Herzog
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