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Your Vagina deserves better!

Traditional menstrual products are harmful to women and the environment.

An average woman will spend $2000 on traditional menstrual products in 40 years.

Toxic Shock Syndrome has killed fifty women in the United States and afflicted thousands.

12 billion pads and 7 million tampons pollute landfills annually in the US.


Disposable tampons

Pros: convenient, widely available               


·       Use harmful chlorine bleaching

·       Contain artificial ingredients: rayon and dioxin

·       Strong link between them and Toxic Shock Syndrome

·       Absorb essential vaginal lubricants

·       Unnecessary and harmful deodorants


Disposable pads

Pros: No risk of TSS, Uninterrupted flow, widely available


·       Use chlorine bleaching

·       Disposable and extremely wasteful

·       Bulky, scratchy and uncomfortable