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Alternative Period Products
Tired of Tampax? Pads played out?
news! There are alternative products to use during your period!

Cloth pads- 5-10 per cycle
Uninterrupted flow, no chlorine or dioxin, and no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Comfortable, reusable & cause relatively no waste. For info:,

Unbleached tampons- 15-20 per cycle
Nearly identical to traditional tampons except contain no chlorine, pesticides, and are generally applicator-free so they cause slightly less waste. For info:

Sea sponge- 1 per six cycles
Natural, absorbent, reusable and can be cut to fit you. Not widely available as menstrual products. As animal products are not vegan friendly. For info:

Menstrual cup- 1 per 120 cycles
Collects blood not vaginal lubricants, lasts for ten years, relatively no risk for TSS, made of hypo-allergenic materials. For info:,