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Map Skills  

Unit 1

Unit One focusConnecting Themes in Fourth 

Standards: The focus of this important first unit is on the concepts and enduring understandings rather than specific standards. 

In this unit students will be introduced to the unit connecting themes of: 

 Beliefs and Ideals 
 Conflict and Change 
 Distribution of Power 
 Individuals, Groups, Institutions 
 Technological Innovations 

These themes will provide the scaffolding needed for the study of Social Studies for the rest of the school year. 

Unit 2

Unit Two focusThe Discovery of North America Unit Four focus: Forming a New Nation 

Standards: H1a,b; H2a,b; G1a; G2a,b; E1a 

Map Skills: 6,8 

Info Skills: 5,7,13 


 American Indian settlements (H1a, G2a) 
Lewis and Clark Interactive Trail
 Use of environment (H1b) 
 Major features of the US G1a) 
 Early adaptations to new environments (G2b) 


 Reasons, obstacles, accomplishments of explorers (H2a) 
 Cooperation/conflict between Europeans/Natives (H2b) 
 Describe opportunity costs (E1a) 

Unit 3

Unit Three focusThe Colonization of North America 

Standards: H3a,b; G2c; E1b,c,d 

Map Skills: 6,8,11,12 

Info Skills: 13 


 Geography of each colony (G2c) 
 Compare/contrast life of colonial regions (H3a) 
 Explain price incentives (E1b) 

Individuals, Groups, Institutions 

 Colonial life (H3b) 
 Describe specialization (E1c) 
 Explain voluntary exchange (E1d) 

Unit 4

Unit 4 focusForming on a New Nation

Standards: H4a,b,c,d; G2d; CG1a 

Map Skills: 6,7,8,10,11,12 

Info Skills: 5,6,7,17 

Beliefs and Ideals 

 Explain the Declaration of Independence (H4b) 
 Natural rights in Declaration (CG1a) 

Conflict and Change 

 Events that shaped the revolutionary movement (H4a) 
 Major events of the Revolution (H4c) 
 Use of physical geography (G2d) 

Individuals, Groups, Institutions 

 Key individuals in the Revolution (H4d) 

Unit 5

Unit Five focus: Challenges of a New Nation 

Standards: H5a,b,d,e; H7a,b; CG1b; CG5; E1e 

Map Skills: 7,11

 Beliefs and Ideals 

 “We the people” (CG1b) 

Conflict and Change 

 Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation (H5a) 
 Explain the Bill of Rights (H5b) 
 War of 1812 (H5e) 
 Describe how trade promotes economic activity (E1e) 

Individuals, Groups, Institutions 

 Major leaders of the Constitutional Convention (H5b) 

Unit 6

Unit Six focusExpansion of a New Nation 

Standards: H6a,b; G1b; G2e; E1f 

Map Skills: 6,7,8,10,11,12 

Info Skills: 5,7,11 

Individuals, Groups, 


 Biographies of Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Staton (H7a) 
 Significance of Sojourner Truth’s address (H7b) 


 Territorial expansion (H6a) 
 Major man-made features (G1b) 
 Physical barriers (G2e) 

Technological Innovation 

 Impact of steamboat, locomotive, telegraph (H6b) 
 Examples of advancements’ impact on business 

Unit 7

Unit Seven focusOur American Government 

Standards: H5c; CG1c; CG2; CG3a,b,c,d,e; CG4a,b 

Map Skills:  

Distribution of Power 

 3 branches of gov’t (H5c) 
 Federal system of gov’t (CG1c) 
 Limiting power of authority (CG3d) 

Rule of Law 

 Freedom of expression (CG2) 
 Respecting rights of others (CG4a) 
 Obeying reasonable laws (CG4b) 
 Making & enforcing laws (CG3a) 
 Managing conflicts and protecting rights (CG3b) 
 Providing defense (CG3c) 
 Fiscal responsibility (CG3e) 

Unit 8

Unit Eight focusBeing a Responsible Spender by Learning from Our Past 

Standards: E1a,b,c,d,e,f; E2 

Map Skills:  

Info Skills: 5,7,11 

In this unit, students will use what they have learned from this year’s unit focuses about opportunity costs, price incentives, specialization, voluntary exchange, trade, and productivity to create a “business community” and understand personal finance. 

Unit Connecting Themes: 

Production, Distribution, Consumption Scarcity 

 Identify elements of a personal budget (E2) 
 Explain spending and saving decisions (E2) 

This unit will reflect some type of activity in which students create their own economic system.