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Earth Science

I. Physical Attributes of Rocks and Soils
     a. Difference between a rock and mineral 
     b. Recognize the physical attributes by observation 
     c. Similarities and differences in top soil 
        Clay, loam, potting soil, and sand
          1. Texture
          2. Particle Size
          3. Color
     d. How water and wind change rocks and soil over time

II. Investigate fossils as organisms that lived long ago

     a. Investigate fossils by observing authentic fossils or models
     b. Describe how fossils are formed

Physical Science

I. How heat is produced and effects of heating and cooling and change in temperature indicated a change in heat

     a. Categorize ways to produce heat
          1. Burning
          2. Rubbing ( friction)
     b. Insulation affects heating and cooling
     c. Tranfer of heat energy from the sun
     d. Use thermometers to measure changes in temperatures 
        of water samples over period of time
II. Investigates magnets: How they affect other magnets and common objects

     a. Find common objects that are attracted to magnets
     b. How magnets attract and repel each other

Life Science

I. Investigate the habitats of different organisms and dependence on the habitat

     a. Habitats and organisms of Georgia
          1. Mountains
          2. Marsh and Swamp
          3. Coast
          4. Piedmont
          5. Atlantic Ocean
     b. Identify features of green plants that allow them to live 
         and thrive in Georgia
     c. Features of animals that allow them to live and
        thrive in Georgia
     d. Explain what happens when organisms change habitats

II. Recognize effect of pollution on humans and environment

     a. Effect of pollution on habitats of plants and animals
     b. Identify ways to protect environment
         Conservation of Resouces
         Recycling of Materials