3rd Grade SMARTboard Language Arts

Educational Technolgy Center 

I. Unit 1 -Narrative

   a. Character Development Task 

   b. End of Unit Composition

   c. Organizational Structure Learning Task

    1. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

   d.Sentence Structure and Using Correct Punctuation Task 

  II. Unit 2 -Informational/Nonfiction

   a.Nonfiction Organizational Task 

   b.Voice in Nonfiction Task

   c.Information End of Unit Composition 

III. Unit 3 - Persuasive

   a.Organizing Persuasive Writing Task 

   b.Point of View in Persuasive Writing Task

   c.Persuasive Writing Culminating Performance Task 

IV. Unit 4- Response to Literature

   a. Making Connections Task 

   b.Making Judgement Task

   c.Determining Theme Task 

   d.End of Unit Performance Task

   e.Frog Princess - Student Work/Teacher Commentary

V. SMARTboard Resources