Our Proposal

Problem Identification
High school and College students, specifically at St. Paul High School and Whittier College.
The High School that is putting on the event does not have the resources of a video production
Knowledge and help with video production and skills geared to promoting this event.
The video will help acknowledge students responsibility towards alcohol and drunk driving.

Bringing awareness to the problems facing teens and young adults.

Type of project
Awareness and Campus Event
Close to the community of St. Paul and we want to give back to a great community as the school

Project Objective and Goals
Bring awareness to the St. Paul High School students and Whittier College students about the responsibility students have when they drink and how making the right decision are essential to their life

Funding Needs

School will provide funding for video cameras and team
Risk Management Issues/Legal Considerations
Release forms for students traveling off campus.


Organize filming schedule by mid March
Event will be planned in on April 21 and 22
Film will be presented in early May.


Discussion amongst students after watching the video
For Group Projects
Josh will focus on filming while Sam will focus on photography. Both will work on editing.
Other Consideration
Bringing awareness to students about the importance of staying sober behind the wheel.

. What specific leadership competencies will the project put into action?
    The competencies that this project will put into action are Critical thinking outcomes, effective meetings outcomes, emotional intelligence outcomes, interpersonal communications outcomes, project management outcomes, and service outcomes.

 What special skills/knowledge are needed to undertake the task or address the problem?
    An understanding of the situation at hand and what it is going to take to better the community. We also had to do a lot of research to fully understand the impact of drunk driving and to see how we can help and make a difference.

Are there other skills that will be utilized?
    Some other skill that we will be utilizing for out project are our abilities to film and photograph and then edit our footage.

 Which new knowledge/skills must be acquired by participants?
    The participants will gain a better understand of the effects of drunk driving and better alcohol awareness.