Our Compentencies


Critical Thinking Outcomes- Since Josh and I are both Resident Advisor’s we know that most alcohol awareness programs do not really impact the students. We wanted our program to make the students think about think actions before their they act.
 Effective Meetings Outcomes- We had to set up biweekly meetings with the faculty and students at the high school we were working with. This was to ensure that everything was going smoothing for the Every 15 minutes program and that everything was set up so that the week and day of we had everything in order.
Emotional Intelligence Outcomes- This was probably the most important competency that we incorporated. We wanted the program and movie to evoke emotional responses from the participants. We are hoping that through emotional impact they participants can gain valuable awareness and knowledge about the dangers of drunk driving.
Interpersonal Communications Outcomes- For the documentary we interviewed different Whittier College students to get their opinions on alcohol awareness programs and drunk driving.
Project Management Outcomes- Since we were working with another school to help them out on a project that was very important to them as well, we wanted to make sure that we each had our tasks taken care of. We also split up the different tasks to make sure that we could get everything done so that we were not rushing around to much the week or day of the actual even at the high school.
Service Outcomes- We were serving the Whittier community by helping out a local high school with a program they were putting on. If they did not have our help they may not have been able to go through with their program. Not only did we provide filming and photographic help, but we also helped with the planning and preparation of the program.