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WOW Classic Paladin Equipment From 1 To 25

Level 1-15
Until about level fifteen nearly all of the equipment you have access to is either white quality or very weak green quality. There are also no blue quality weapons or mail items till this point either. But because you level up so quickly it would be a waste Of money to get expensive blue items at this point.

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Level 15-20
Lavishly Jewled Ring
Finger ring
+2 Agility
+6 Intellect
Requires level 17
How to get it: Gilnid in The Deadmines drops, with a 45% drop probability.

Gilnid location

Chausses of Westfall
Leg Mail Armor
173 point armor
+5 Stamina
+11 Power
Durability 75 / 75
How to get it: After completing the mission 'The Defias Brotherhood', reward the Hausesses of Westfall.

First, find Gryan Stoutmantle in Westfall, receive the 'The Defias Brotherhood' mission, then enter 'The Deadmines' and kill Edwin VanCleef as required.

Gryan Stoutmantle location

Smite’s Mighty Hammer
55 - 83 Damage Speed ​​3.50
(DPS 19.7)
+11 Power
+4 Agility
Durability 80 / 80
Requires level 18
How to get it: Mr.Smite in The Deadmines drops, the drop probability is 20%.

Mr.Smite location

Prospector Axe
Hands axe
33 - 51 Damage Speed ​​2.40
(DPS 17.5)
+8 Stamina
+7 Power
Durability 75 / 75
Requires level 15
How to get it: Defias Blackguard and Defias Pirate in The Deadmines drop, with a drop probability of 0.05%.

The DPS of this weapon is not as high as Smite’s Mighty Hammer. Although Stamina and Power are more suitable for Paladin, it is better to consider Smite’s Mighty Hammer. The advantage of Prospector Axe is that it can be used at level 15.

Most of Paladin's equipment at this stage can be obtained from The Deadmines. If you have more time, you can have more times with your friends.

Level 20-25
Silverlaine's Family Seal
Finger ring
+7 Power
+3 Stamina
Requires level 21
How to get it: Baron Silverlaine in Shadowfang Keep drops, drop probability 30%

Baron Silverlaine location

Commander's Crest
Deputy shield
623 point armor
13 point block
+3 Spirit
+3 Stamina
+6 Power
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 23
How to get it: Commander Springvale in Shadowfang Keep drops, the drop probability is 50%.

Commander Springvale location
Commander Springvale.jpg

Algae Fists
Gloves Mail Armor
132 armor
+10 Power
+4 Stamina
Durability 40 / 40
Requires level 23
How to get it: Gelihast in Blackfathom Deeps drops, drop probability 50%

Gelihast location

Shinning Silver Breastplate
Chest Mail Armor
214 point armor
+14 Power
+6 Stamina
Durability 120 / 120
Requires level 24
How to get it: Blacksmith skills production, first need to find Blacksmith trainer to learn the skills of making Shinning Silver Breastplate, and then collect the required materials before they can be made.

It adds 14 points of Power, which is a good piece of equipment in this level.

Hands axe
55 - 84 Damage Speed ​​3.20
(DPS 21.7)
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 21
Possible hit: Causes the target's wound to bleed, causing 100 damage in 30 seconds.
How to get it: Kill monsters in the wild. Because there are so many kinds of monsters, the distribution range is very wide, and the drop probability is only 0.05%. If you want to get it, the best way is to go to the auction house.

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