Welcome to the April 2010 Edition!

When you play World of Warcraft, you know next to nothing about the real people sitting behind the chairs that you are playing with. They goal of this project was to ask people about themselves and their characters so that we might be able to look at a character in WoW and have a good idea of who they likely are.

On Tuesday, April 20 I went to several World of Warcraft sites and asked for people's participation in a survey that I had made for a Statistics project that I was working on.  I have since finished the project and I am sharing the results with you all like I said that I would. If you didn't participate in the original survey and would like to, you can go here and take it. I received over 7,500 responses to the original survey, which was amazingly helpful.  Before I get into the results, I would just like to thank everybody for your support and interest in this project.

You also might be wondering why I have ads on these pages. My project received so many responses I had to pay surveymonkey.com $200, because they charge 5 cents for every survey response after the first 1000. So I decided to pay $200 for the unlimited annual plan, instead of over $300 in fees. I'm not trying to scam money off of you all or anything, just trying to make up for some of my losses.

The sidebar contains links to the various parts of the results, but at the bottom of each page I will have a link guiding you through what I consider to be the natural progression of the results.

The first page can be found here.

The TL;DR summary can be found here.

About Me
My name is Henry Phillips, and I am a 23 year old student who is finishing up getting his Master's Degree in Statistics at UALR is Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have been a gamer all of my life and World of Warcraft has been a major part of my gaming for almost 3 years.

The report that I wrote for class can be found here. I wrote it in LaTeX using the TeXnicCenter editor.
The presentation that I made for class can be found here.  It was made in Google Docs.
For the analysis, I used a combination of SAS, Excel, and Java programming.