WoT Monitor

WoT Monitor is a WoT-related application for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8. 

Main features: 

1. Displays player's achievements.
2. Displays last 2-weeks statistics .
3. Radio-Player.
4. Pinging all the WoT clasters.
5. Connection test.
6. Displaying Clan information.
7. Skins
8. Check-boxes in the setting for hiding unneeded features.
9. Tray interface.
10. Clan battles with alarm.

WoT Monitor Gadget Presentation ‎(Russian)‎

User achievements information is updated every 15 minutes and also after choosing "Update achievements" from the menu. You can hide the unneeded features using check-boxes in the settings.

Using this gadget new players can choose a version with lowest ping for the installation. Also you can check the ping of your version before starting the game. It is very important to save your network resources when application is running, therefore it automatically switches to ping per minute after one minute of intensive ping. You can DblClick at the top area of the main window in order to wake it up.

You are enabled to choose a skin in the settings

In the settings you have to choose your region, enter your user name in WoT and save the settings.

Last 2-weeks statistics contains 3 bars with tooltips (numbers and percents):  
1) Daily battles played.
2) Daily victories.
3) Daily average experience. (Daily experience / Daily battles played ) 
Application should be always on (or at least once a day), to accumulate statistics. 

Changing user name and region in the settings does not erase the accumulated statistics!

You can make a full test of your connection with World of Tanks servers, this feature is available from the contextual menu.

The test results include:
1) The amount of servers in the cluster (capacity)
2) Minimal ping for all the servers in the cluster.
3) Maximal ping for all the servers in the cluster.
4) Average ping for all the servers in the cluster. (most important parameter that indicates the quality of connection for entire cluster)

Application includes full-functional Radio-Player with customizable channels and tray-based interface.

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