Assembling OD&D PDFs

Here's how I assembled my Original D&D Books

after I bought them on


You can click on any of the pictures below and they will enlarge...


Print your books with Adobe Acrobat's "Print as Booklet" option.

The only tools that you'll need are the printed book, a pair pliers, a straight-edged knife, two paper-clips and an ice-pick. I use a heavy bonded paper for the cover and normal printer paper for the pages.

Here's the basic tools again:

All you have to do now is fold up the pages. NEATLY FOLD THE PAGES so that your books look professional!!!

Now take your paper-clips and straighten them out. After they are straight you use the needle-nose pliers to make 1 & 1/2 Inch "Staples" (I find this works better than regular staples which tear out, and rip or lose pages. I clip the ends with the needle-nose pliers to make them shorter than they appear in the next four pictures so that they do not "overlap" during assembly.

Now take a pencil and mark the inner spine of your book (where you want to place your staples).

Now GENTLY use an ice-pick to prick a hole through the pages to match with your pencil marks. GENTLY!!! If you shove too hard, you'll make a giant hole (and that is not good)

Now on the spine you can shove your homemade staples through to the center of your book.

Bend them over and make them firm within the book.

Both homemade staples assembled look something like this:

Now with a Straight-Edge clip the overlap from the pages. NOT ON THE GOOD DINING ROOM TABLE!!! I did the cutting in the garage, and just took a picture at the dining room table...

And here are the final results.

Not bad for a novice!!!

Homebrewed is always the best!!!