WoSAR 2015

Seventh International Workshop on Software Aging and Rejuvenation

November 2, 2015

Co-located with ISSRE 2015, November 2-5, 2015, Gaithersburg, MD, USA


2015 marks an anniversary for the software aging and rejuvenation (SAR) community: The seminal paper "Software rejuvenation: Analysis, module and applications" by Huang, Kintala, Kolettis and Fulton, which started research on the software aging phenomenon and the possibility of counteracting it via software rejuvenation, appeared exactly 20 years ago. For the last seven years, WoSAR has been the international event bringing together researchers and practitioners involved with the theoretical and experimental aspects of software aging and rejuvenation. As a satellite event of the premier symposium, ISSRE 2015, WoSAR 2015 aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the state of the art and the new challenges in software aging and rejuvenation research, as well as a unique opportunity for establishing collaborations among several research groups interested in this research field.


This call addresses research on (but not limited to) the following topics: 
  • Modeling and characterization of the software aging phenomenon.
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of rejuvenation mechanisms.
  • Aging monitoring and rejuvenation applied to industrial, large-scale, and mission critical systems.
  • Modeling, analysis and implementation of rejuvenation scheduling.
  • Experimental and empirical software aging detection techniques.
  • Prediction models for mean time to aging-related failures.
  • Machine learning applied to software aging characterization.
  • Control theory applied to software aging and rejuvenation.
  • Survivability applied to software aging and rejuvenation.
  • Test strategies focused on aging-related faults.
  • Novel applications for software rejuvenation.
  • Aging-oriented reliability growth models and reliability assessment.
  • Reports and analysis of real case studies.
  • Software rejuvenation benchmarking and metrics.

WoSAR is a unique forum for discussing the impacts of software aging and rejuvenation in different domains of applicability, such as cloud computing, smart grids, mobile, transportation, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, medical devices, and systems of systems.