Wortley Hall Walled Garden is a 3 acre walled garden between Barnsley and Sheffield.  The garden has been uncultivated for many years but is now being brought back into life as an organic kitchen garden by Heeley City Farm, an environmental charity based in Sheffield. 
In 2009-2010, we received Heritage Lottery funding to find out more more about the garden and its surroundings. Much of the research has been carried out by a brilliant set of volunteers who have worked on the project over the past year and a half. Our project has now come to a close but you can explore all the research produced by the project on this website
You can download a timeline of the history of the garden; explore the garden on our interactive map; read about its history and archaeology and how we plan to conserve it for future generations; watch an animated 3D reconstruction of the garden; or listen to the memories of people who have lived in worked at or used the hall and garden recorded as oral history.   

If you would like more information about this all you need to do is get in touch - find our details here.