Background and Draft Bylaws


The Board of Directors is notifying WORT's members of proposed revisions to the station's governing Bylaws.

·    After extensive deliberations and a month-long period of public input, the WORT Board of Directors has finalized a proposed update to the station's Bylaws.

·    The revised Bylaws will be on the ballot at the 2014 Annual Meeting for a vote of approval by the members.

·    The Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 29, 2014 from 3:00-6:00 pm. Location to be determined.

Download the Final Draft Proposed Bylaws:

Download WORT's Current Bylaws: 

Objectives of Bylaws Review

·    Streamline the bylaws – make them less complex and confusing.

·    Ensure bylaws are flexible enough to allow the station to grow and adapt.

·    Ensure Bylaws outline the overarching governing framework, rather than focus on processes and implementation. (Implementation sections would be removed and included in Policy documents.)

·    Clarify the focus of the Board. Outline a governing structure that ensures the Board is responsible to listeners.

·    Ensure the Board has the capacity and flexibility required to fulfill its responsibilities.

·    Eliminate discrepancies and conflicting information.

2014 Timeline

·    January: The Board holds working meetings to review and discuss updates to the existing Bylaws on the proposed Bylaws - COMPLETED

·    February: The Board finalizes proposed changes to the Bylaws - COMPLETED

·    March 10-April 10: The Board accepts feedback on the proposed Bylaws - COMPLETED

·    April 10-20: Board synthesizes comments and prepares final draft proposed revised Bylaws - COMPLETED

·    April 21: Board approves proposed bylaws to present to membership - COMPLETED

·    April 22-June 29: Notify members of revisions to Bylaws - ONGOING

·    June 29: Annual membership meeting - membership votes to approve proposed revisions to Bylaws.