Team Rector

Dear Friends


I wanted to update you on the above process. At the Team Council meeting last night, we discussed a proposal from the diocese which has also been considered by the Core Leadership Team. This concerns a desire to simplify the appointments process on this particular occasion due to the fact that, as Sarah was a self-supporting minister, the vacancy needs to be filled by one of our stipendiary priests, i.e. one of the three Team Vicars.

When Sarah Baker was appointed, each PCC was required to nominate two parish reps for the appointments process and to conduct joint PCC meetings to do the formal business of appointments. It is now proposed that the PCCs delegate this task of overseeing the process to the Team Council, who in turn, will nominate a rep from each church as the parish reps. The Team Council suggested at its meeting that each PCC offer the name of their nominated rep to the Team Council for approval.

This proposal is now going to each of our churches next PCC meetings which is due to conclude with St.Philip’s meeting on 17th November. Thereafter, I will pass on the names of nominated PCC reps to the Team Council by e-mail for approval and if that is given, the appointment process will begin.

I will keep you informed of further developments as information becomes available, but in the meantime, would ask you to keep this process in your prayers.

Yours in His service



Jeremy Tear

Acting Team Rector