Rainbows and Brownies


Rainbows are the youngest members of Girl Guiding UK. aged 5 – 7 years.

They follow a programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw, which involves a wide range of activities and games. Being a Rainbow is all about learning, developing self-confidence, building friendships and, of course, having lots of fun! They wear a red and blue tracksuit and t shirt.


This year we have had great fun planting daffodils, baking cakes, painting, making crafts. We went to our local GGUK activity centre and had super fun on the adventure playground, playing games and taking part in Penguin themed activities. Our next trip will be to a visit to Stockley farm.


We meet Monday 5 - 6pm at St Mary's Church.



Brownie Guides are aged 7 – 10 years. They follow a programme called the Brownie Adventure. It has three areas. You. Community. World.

You:  Brownies develop confidence and self-esteem through having new experiences and learning new skills. They build friendships and learn to share and cooperate with others by working together in small groups called 'Sixes'

Community: We encourage girls to become active citizens by helping them understand and participate in their communities. This could mean raising money for charities or visiting local places of interest.

World: Our programme encourages girls to learn about the wider world. Activities could involve celebrating a festival from a different culture, finding out about endangered animal species, or learning how they can combat climate change.


Brownies have fun and learn through activities. This year we have been on a brownie indoor holiday at County GG activity centre. Brownies can work towards brownie interest badges. Guiding is about giving the girls choices and this year they have chosen to complete their Science investigators, Computer, and Designer badge. They have designed four Garden Planters to put in the garden at the Sunday school hall. In the Autumn term they are taking part in GG Division Centenary events completing their Traditions badge and craft badge.

Brownies can choose from a selection of brownie activity wear.


We meet Monday 6 – 7.30pm  Tim Parry Centre, Wroxham Road.