About VRIT

The VRIT Team

We are a world-class firm of interdisciplinary professionals that create state-of-the-art, online & immersive environments for training, education and other business purposes. Founded in 1995, VRIT has proven success in providing such services for global corporations, world-famous universities, and medical research organizations. VRIT can help your organization improve performance through advanced learning and performance support technology.

The VRIT Method

Consultative Approach: Needs analysis, requirements gathering and alignment with your goals

Instructional/Creative Expertise: Among the most experienced and best qualified in the world; wrote The Book on online learning

Integrated Solutions: Comfortable in working with the right combination of technologies to meet your needs

Project Management: Results-oriented with on-time delivery

Cutting-Edge Technology: VRIT demonstrates fluent use of optimal technology for online learning, including use of Virtual Reality

Scalability: Proven delivery architectures that have deployed content globally

Localization Expertise: We (with our localization partner) can create and deliver in your language(s)

Flexibility/Options: Hosting, technology, maintenance, learning levels

VRIT Customers

Harvard University, Raytheon, Bayer Medical Systems, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Analog Devices,
General Electric, Orkin, Crawford Communications. Transware Plc., UPS