The Calgary Science School (CSS) is a Charter School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The school serves a student body of 600 students in grades 4-9.  We have a mandated focus on inquiry-based learning, technology integration and outdoor education. You can read more about the school here at our school website. If you are a teacher, or work in education, you can read about other projects at our school here. 

The grade 8 students at CSS are currently working on a large scale project dealing with the concept of WORLDVIEW, part of the Grade 8 curriculum in Alberta.  As part of their study of worldview, the students have created a survey - with the hope of creating a picture of different people's worldview from around the world.  

All the following survey questions were created by grade 8 students, in partnership with a local expert on survey design.  You can read more about the process of designing the survey questions here.

All the information asked on this survey is completely anonymous. Information will not be shared with any commercial organizations. In no way are we tracking personal information or attempting to locate anyone's identity.

The students will examine the results, with the goal of determining what indicators (age, gender, geographic location, etc) seem to have the greatest impact on a person's worldview.  That is why the first few questions are seeking some personal information.

The grade 8 students behind this survey are hoping to get as wide an audience as possible to complete the survey.  We would greatly appreciate any help you might give to spread this survey to your own personal networks, email lists and social sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). 

Thank you for taking the time to assist our Grade 8 students with this study.  Also, thank you greatly for any support you can provide in spreading the link to this site and survey.

The Grade 8 Students at the Calgary Science School

This map shows the locations of the respondents so far:

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