About us


How it started? 


The Worldview Project was founded in September 2007 in Budapest, Hungary by Balázs Heller and his friend who felt called to implement spiritual and moral values in the global society to counteract rising materialism and individualism. The Bahá’í inspired Worldview Project shortly became international in January, 2008 when Balázs and her wife Karin moved to Dublin and continued to promote spiritual values throughout the Worldview programs in Ireland.

The values we promote

Our aim is to promote and implement the following values in the global society:

·        Unity in Diversity

·        Oneness of Humanity

·        Harmony between Religions

·        Practice of Spiritual and Moral Virtues

·        Universal Peace

·        Thinking Locally, Acting Globally 

·        Elimination of All Form of Prejudice

·     Elimination of Extremes of Wealth & Poverty 

·     Non-Violence

·     Collective Responsibility

·        Practice of Spiritual and Moral Virtues

·        Power of  Communication and Consultation

·       Importance of our Spiritual Nature

·     Balance of our Spirit, Mind and Body 

·     Universal Education

·     Collective Responsibility