Presuppositionalism vs Evidentialism

When we get down to it, there are really only two basic approaches to apologetics, presuppositionalism versus evidentialism. The issue of which is true revolves around the role that human rationality plays in determining reality. The question boils down to, If man has a fallen nature, is he really a neutral rationalist that can examine the evidence without any influence by his selfish nature and desires. The presuppositionalists say no. We cannot remove our own selfishness from our evaluation of the evidence we examine and make a morally neutral decision on that evidence. This view gives way too much moral ability for fallen people to make unbiased decisions regarding the reality of God. It goes against the teaching by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1 in which he states that people purposely turn from what they know to be true in order to justify doing their own thing. The following video discusses the issue rather well.

Presuppositionalism vs Evidentiary