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By Grace Alone

Christians have always had a hard time understanding their relationship to God with regard to maintaining their salvation status. It doesn't help when their church leaders present a murky message that leaves them in doubt. We are naturally inclined to believe by life's experience that we do not get something for nothing in this life. It goes against our common sense. Yet, the Bible says that salvation is a gift. A gift does not come with strings attached - otherwise it really is not a gift. To receive the gift we acknowledge what Jesus has done on our behalf and accept it in gratitude for the cost Jesus paid for our salvation.

This doctrine of the Christian faith is foundational to Christianity. It was one of the major issues that caused the split within the Catholic Church. Catholic priest John Luther opposed the belief system of the Catholic Church on this issue. He taught that the Bible revealed that we are saved by faith alone, apart from works. The result of this revelation caused a cultural revolution we are still experiencing today.

In the following video clip R.C. Sproul discusses the doctrine and its importance.

By Grace Alone