posted Jun 3, 2012, 7:00 PM by Hector Falcon   [ updated Jun 18, 2012, 5:55 PM ]

Property Rights are Sacred


Property rights are critical in the maintenance of liberty. If the government can take one's property without just cause, then we are basically nothing more than slaves.

Taxation is often a means that is used to justify the stealing of one's property in the name of the government and the people. It has been said that the power to tax is the power to steal. Our Founding Fathers were well acquainted with this abuse of power which they experienced first-hand from King George.

God prohibits the unlawful confiscation of one's property when he gave the commandment against stealing from another person. The fact that the government is now doing it, does not make it just. Some will argue that Jesus taught we are to pay taxes to Caesar, but that did not give the government a blank check to confiscate whatever it wanted.

The Bible lays out the parameters that describe what the role of government is supposed to be. Mainly, it is given the task of providing for the national defense of its citizens and to punish criminals, so as to secure the domestic order. The moral ethics that govern what laws are just come from the revelation of God. He ultimately determines what is right or wrong. Therefore, all laws are to be weighed against the justice revealed by the Bible to determine whether they are valid.

When the government goes beyond the parameters described in the Bible, it will ultimately become tyrannical. It will rely on men to determine the laws with no reference to the moral principles given by God to mankind. God’s laws limit the power of the government and keep it from becoming tyrannical. Our problem today is that the church has become so impotent and irrelevant that it has no influence on the cultural direction of our nation.

As we move away from property ownership being based on biblical principle, this opens the door for socialism. Proponents of socialism have been trying to make the case that Jesus was a socialist who advocated a redistribution of wealth. However, the law of God supports having private property. The Ten Commandments are just one example. One of the commandments states, Thou shalt not steal. This implies that people have the right to own property. 

Socialism tries to make the case that Jesus cared so much for the poor that he advocated that the government take the wealth of the rich and redistribute it to the poor through taxation. Unfortunately, many naive Christians have accepted this line of logic because they do not know what the Bible actually teaches about it. However, this is just another form of stealing via the government. Whether the stealing occurs by an individual or by the government the same principle applies to both. Stealing cannot be justified by using the Bible as one's justification. The Bible clearly teaches against this - especially when it is thieves using the government to do so.