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Free Enterprise - no government control

Free enterprise and capitalism have been given a bad reputation by the socialists (progressives) that have taken over our educational systems and the Democratic Party. The free enterprise system and capitalism have led to the largest creation of wealth in human history. The result has been that billions have been lifted out of poverty. However, there are those that believe the prefect Utopian society needs social planners to regulate every facet of our lives - including the economy. They support a socialist system in which they see themselves as the intellectual elite that have been gifted with the reason needed to manage all facets of our lives. They see themselves as the philosophy kings and queens that are needed to rule over the peasant class (us).

Historically, socialism has never worked. It takes money from the productive members of society and redistributes the wealth to those that have not worked for it. It kills the incentive for people to work since the government winds up stealing what you have worked so hard to create in your own business. The government winds up stealing and spending other people's money. As Margaret Thatcher has stated, "Socialism will work only until the government runs out of other people's money." The following clip by Dinesh D'Souza helps to explain the issue clearly.

Capitalism vs Government control:

Capitalism vs Fascism

Fake Dog Crap and Equal Misery

I was listening to Andrew Wilcow (The Wilcow Majority) on Sirius XM Patriot the other day. If you don’t know from Wilcow he is, among other pursuits and projects, a Conservative talk radio guy. The subject was about the minimum wage, the McDonalds employees who want 15.00/hour, etc. One of the things that Wilcow is always talking about is the idea of “market distortions” and how they are, by and large, created by Government interference in free market capitalism. Market distortions aren’t good because guess what….they DISTORT THE FREE MARKET! And there are really bad consequences.

The example he used was fake dog crap made in China…one of the early, cheap Chinese imports to the U.S. along with fake vomit, but let’s stick to the dog crap. I won’t try to quote him but here is the gist of it: Who buys fake dog crap and why? Why would you spend your hard earned money on fake dog crap? Because you want to play a joke on someone, right? So you’re wandering through the isles at MegaMart and you see fake dog crap for $1.99. You think you could pull a fun gag on your wife with it and it’s totally worth the $1.99 to “get her”.  But let’s say that fake dog crap was made in New York instead of China. The cost of doing business in New York, like most of America is much higher than in China and it isn’t all because of wages. The regulatory, bureaucratic, compliance and tax burdens would cause the fake dog crap to cost much more than $1.99. It would cost more like $12.99. The question becomes would you spend that to play a fake dog crap gag on someone? Not likely. New York will have priced itself out of the fake dog crap market and so it is with much of the manufacturing of ANYTHING here in the U.S.

The McDonalds employees who are protesting their wages and want $15.00 an hour should try and buy fake dog crap made in New York. They are trying to push McDonalds to the same place. They talk about getting a “living wage”. I ask you, since when is the minimum wage supposed to be a living wage? It’s the MINIMUM WAGE! Most of us get that it is where you start out in the workforce. It isn’t SUPPOSED to be a living wage and CANNOT BE. As Wilcow notes (and this ain’t news folks…we’ve all seen this happen before), there can be only two outcomes for the McDonalds employees should they get what they want and they’re both bad. If McD’s was made to pay 15.00/hour, the burgers they sell would be like New York fake dog crap….and cost more than most people are willing to pay. They would either price themselves out of the burger business and close the stores OR they’d install the soon to be available robo-burger machines that make the burgers as well as a human. Either way the employees wind up the same way…out of a job.

In my opinion if you want to fight and scratch and work and claw your way all the way up to “burger boy” and just stop there, don’t expect to make a fat salary and enjoy job security. In fact if that is as far as a person wants to push themselves then they deserve low wages and not much of a future. Those jobs are largely for the youth starting out and getting their feet wet in the workplace, and for adults who want to supplement their income part time (often retirees who need it). Those jobs don’t DESERVE big pay. In the world of work, those jobs are an entry onto the track, not a speedy crossing of the finish line with a big “everybody wins” trophy waiting. Minimum wage is not and cannot be a living wage. Free market capitalism is the best system ever conceived for free people to move themselves up the proverbial ladder of success. Government distorts the market with all its manipulation and interference and never really helps at all…they just muck up the works. I recently heard some of those silly, foolhardy voices on the Left suggesting we should have a national “Mincome”. A minimum income. Think about that and what the ramifications would be. Right off the top the cost of everything would skyrocket. Also, those “less than ambitious” people among us would have even less reason to try and maximize their own potential. In the end however, the increased cost of goods, the “robo-burger” factor, employee cutbacks to offset higher costs…would all add up to no gain and even less jobs available for the very people screaming for a minimum income. Every time the minimum wage is raised it makes it that much harder for the young person, the entry level worker and the retired who need more money, to find a job. If an employer has to pay a minimum $12.00/hour to an employee, he can find twenty-something’s and even older to take those jobs. He doesn’t have to hire an inexperienced high-schooler or a senior who would be grateful for a job at $9.00/hr. They get priced out of the market. The minimum wage is not and cannot be a living wage. It doesn’t work. And the idea of a “mincome” is a foolish idea that only a Progressive could dream up.

The Progressive idea of Utopia and “equal outcomes” is completely ridiculous and has and always will be a failure and a disaster for the citizens. The people in D.C. who are so Progressive, who so want all this equality and fairness are the people who don’t live under the system they’ve set up for us. Where’s the fairness and equal outcome in that? The people running America don’t have to do Obamacare. Can serve a term and retire with fat bennies. Get to use info they are privy to, to trade in stocks in a manner that would get you and me put in jail. They want us to be disarmed while they are not only NOT disarmed, they have armed people guarding them. You see, they are the all-knowing, very important people who must tell us how to live and what laws we’ll have but they exempt themselves. Their lives are more important than ours. That is their message.

What this ruling class wants is control over us all and every market distortion they create hurts us as a Nation. Free markets, free from excessive government interference is the way we all can better ourselves, grow jobs and the economy and offer those who want to WORK a path to their dreams whatever they be. It is that or we can accept the ruling class vision for us…one of equal outcome…one of equal misery.


Written by Rod Bedard Jr.


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