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Uniquenes of Christianity

Of all the religions in the world, what makes Christianity different from all the other religions of the world? Basically, all religions of the world, except for Christianity, are ways for sinful people to work their way to God and to heaven. God reveals within the scriptures that he has equipped people with the knowledge that he exists. Based on knowledge God holds all people accountable for what they did in their lives. Non-Christian religions offer a means of working your way toward acceptance from God and avoidance of judgement for the immoral things we have done in life.

Ironically enough, some religions teach one to commit immoral activities to attain salvation. An example of this would be Islam. People are told that if they murder people of another faith they will earn the way to Allah and many sensual rewards such as infinite sexual gratification with virgins after death, 

Contrary to this works salvation approach to addressing the sinful natue of humans, in Christianity God takes the initiative to reach down to humanity. He provides the way back to him with the provision He has made for us. That provision was the death of His son as payment for the wrong which we did. Christ's death provides the bridge which separated us from the presence of God. Our only obligation is to humbly admit we are fallen sinners that need the help provided by God. This is what Christains call faith. We place our trust in what God has provided for us with the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a gift we cannot earn and which only God can provide. 

The following video by Dinesh D' Souza describes the Christian faith in more detail.

Uniqueness of Christianity