Calvin and Servetus

One of the most common objections Christians will hear regarding Reformed theology and Calvinism is that John Calvin supposedly had Servetus burned at the stake. This debate reveals the extent that people will go to in order to misrepresent a theological position in spite of the truth. Christians will knowingly lie to reinforce their theological presuppositions and distort the views of other Christians they do not agree with. 

As Christians we are to investigate the truthfulness of this incident and give a true representation to other Christians despite our own theological views. To not do so is misrepresenting the truth and bearing false witness as to what really happened.

The following video gives one of the best historical presentations of what actually happened. You can also search the internet and Christian references for the actual historical facts. What you will find is that many sources will contradict each other because of their presuppositional theological perspective. We are to avoid biased argumants and search out the truth ourselves.

James White presents one of the best researched presentations available. Here is a video showing the facts he has managed to find.

Calvin and Servetus