There is a tremendous growth in the interest of spiritual things within the world. However, many of the people that have developed an interest in the spiritual dimension of life reject any connection with an established religion. Many will claim that they are spiritual - but not religious. In other words, they claim to believe in a spiritual reality divorced from any creeds to truths that would seek to define those experiences. 

The reality with this view is that people want the spiritual dimension of life to conform to their needs and desires. They want a religion or spirituality that they can control. They reject the right of any God to tell them how they should live. There only interest in the spiritual things of life is to use them to attain their desires. Their god or gods becomes a means to an end. The gods are at their call. They believe that they are the masters of these gods and any interest in these matters is to learn how to use them for personal gain. 

The following conference speaker is Dr. Peter Jones, a professor from Westminster Seminary. He gives a great overview of the pagan worldview and how it has impacted the global culture. 

The Coming Pagan Utopia

The Coming Pagan Utopia