A drabble is one of several names for a story of exactly 100 words, not counting the title. A good one is a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sounds easy, sort of. That word limit does make it tricky, because when you start to revise, maybe you don't want this word you want that phrase, and suddenly, eeek! Now it's 101 words! Or 99 words. OK, I can use this if I can lose a syllable somewhere, but if I do that I have to... Well, the frustration is half the fun.

This story originally appeared in Spooky Halloween Drabbles, 2015 (Independent Authors Press)


by Maggie Secara

When we arrived for the funeral, I must say we were shocked by all the voices, all the noise, accustomed to silent deference. In our parish, courtesy prevails; we avoid each other rather than offend. I cannot tell you the color of anyone’s eyes; I’ve never looked.  

So we were unprepared, you see, when just after midnight some grinning fellow said, “Good morning.” Morning? Then, compounding his vulgarity, he touched two fingers to his hat!

Horrified, Eileen burst into tears; I leapt forward hissing, slashed my nails across his face, ripped the uncouth throat.

His eyes? Very wide, possibly brown.