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Molly & Prentiss find a new home

posted Oct 8, 2016, 1:11 AM by Maggie Secara
So, see, I've sold a few hundred copies of 
Molly September since 2011 when it came out. It's always been the most neglected of my titles. It's the book I started so long ago the origins are lost in myth and legend and rewrote almost from scratch at least four times.

Y'know, I never meant to self-publish. I wanted the dream, the whole Louisa May Alcott dream, I've been carrying around all my life of having an  editor call and offer a good contract and a hefty advance. I wanted my book to be selected for the Book of the Month Club, for gawdssake, and glad readers starting listserv discussion groups and lining up at the bookstore. For millions of people to be reading my book at the beach, or under the covers with a flashlight and imagining themselves as Molly or Prentiss, or imaging Prentiss taking their hand and whispering, "Come with me, Sweet."  And arguing with their friends over who should play them in the movie. I loved - and still love - these characters so much, I wanted the world to love them too.

There's a much longer story here, as you can imagine, since clearly, that's not what happened. I am not yet living by my quill pen. I still have to go to work every day to keep me in ink and foolscap. And you don't want to sit through all that. In fact, I just cut away about 1200 words of detail to spare you. Get me drunk some time. Ask me then.

http://author.to/CCK1558Anyway, I published Molly September in 2011 under the Popinjay Press imprint, same as the Compendium. The paper version is a print-on-demand paperback printed and distributed through Amazon's Create Space. The e-book was until this morning at Bookbaby.com. They haven't done anything wrong. They're a pretty good service at a reasonable price, the book version of CDBaby, but Smashwords provides more flexibility for me. Easier to change prices, run a special or a giveaway, and so on. And so today, I decided to just make the move. 

And to celebrate a new beginning, and to let everyone know we're here - me, Molly and Prentiss - I've set the price to FREE!

Can't hurt. Might help! So:
  • The FREE e-book will be there too, once the several services get synced up. For now, here's where you want to look: Molly on Smashwords
And by all means pass the word! Write reviews! Have fun! This book is a party!

Did I mention it's FREE?
Just checking.